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Jolting SSing


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Just wanted to share the results of a mini experiment.

I've been shakin' it SS style for what must be over 19 weeks now (not sure, 3 left to break so I guess that's right, 11th of January is the day CD started so ever since.) and have noticed stagnation periods. I figured they were inexplicable and mostly due to TOTM however, last week I decided to try a personal challenge.

There's so precious little we can change while SSing and yet I decided to challenge myself to do:

- No mints and no water flavor
- At least 3 Liters every day -ended up doing about 4-
- No Strawberry shakes - they contain more sugar-
- Breakfast at 7-9, lunch at 12-14 and dinner at 18 to 20. No skipping, no combining.

Because I had noticed I was lax on reinforcing those by the book, had a suspicion abusing the alloted, Cambridge mints and water flavours was not helping me along, was starting to skip brekkie and have the two shakes for lunch and was not doing enough water.

Lo and behold it worked! I shifted 2.5 kg last week instead of the traditional 1-1.5!

Just wanted to throw it out there in the hopes it helps someone else.
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Very interesting, i do not deviate from 3 shakes a day always at the same time 7am 1pm and 6pm, and plenty of water, i have thoughout had good losses, if you stick by the book it really makes a difference.

You have done very well by the way.
interesting ..... i dont really have a set time to have my shakes shud i be having a set time? i usually have 500ml water between 9-10 shake at 11.30-12.30 then soup at 4 then porridge at 7-8pm....

im gunna do some experiments with myself to too see if the different packs effect weight losses ie 3 shakes a day for a week 2 then soups one shakes etc.....

interesting post missama


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Wow thats great hon . Good on you for trying to make a change and it working. You are doing so well and Im loving your pics..
Well done you xx
You are too kind.

And look! You broke the 30 BMI barrier and got your 50 pounds off badge! Chuffed for you, you're doing so very well.

I have no doubt either of us will make it to goal. The real battle begins after, of course but it feels good knowing we'll make it to the battle not too long from now:):grouphugg:
May I ask what exactly is happening in your avatar pic? lol xxx
What are the Cambridge mints (and are you photocopying your backside in your avatar??)
Great losses - your ticker is in Kg too so even further travelled!


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Oh lol, defensive much?!?! I started an antsy answer about how my loss-progress pic is too small that's why you can't tell the loss but it is by no means photocopied! and then I realized you both asked about the avatar! :)

I snatched it from online, it was accompanying a study suggesting women with higher hips/waist rations -essentially big bummed women- had higher IQs. Hence it's the back of a lady -not mine, mine is considerably smaller now :)- and joking X-ray revealing a brain inside it.
I'm guessing that because missama is in sweden that they have different products there?I know in Poland you can get extra flavour soups and bars, as well as pasta and some other things.


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I was wondering that :confused:
Sorry haven't seen the question above.

They are sugar free mints for fresh breath marketed by the official Cambridge diet here. I always was suspicious about A. the difference between the "special ones" and the market ones especially since they have no table of contents and B. their effect on loss. I can't hand on heart say they were the thing making me lose slower as there was also not enough water, the water flavours and most importantly my inability to have a fixed hour for my shakes but nonetheless, I'm glad they're gone :)

I'm guessing that because missama is in sweden that they have different products there?I know in Poland you can get extra flavour soups and bars, as well as pasta and some other things.
Wow pasta? That surely doesn't sound very cambridge-y. Either that or I'm jealous :)

Well done on your fabulous progress Polishrose!

And tryer we can have brains wherever we want, we're women ;)
I'm liking the 'brains in bum' pic ROFL xxxxxxx

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