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Jooloo's diary


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S: 13st4lb C: 9st9lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 21.8 Loss: 3st9lb(27.42%)

Today is my second week officially back on the wagon. I've been messing around for too long. Half week on/half week off. Or having good meals and then going array on snacks.

I'm within my BMI but want to shift those last few pounds again to be back feeling confident for summer.

Last week I did a filling and healthy week. I've got to admit that I know what I'm doing with pp (too much to be honest) which means I've got complacent so I thought only having to track treats should be way better for me. I've always avoided doing F + H as I didn't trust myself to moderate my intake of food enough.

Well I really enjoyed doing it last week, I stuck to it for the first time in ages for an entire week (I've got far to complacent just thinking well.... I'm in my BMI) and it wasn't a real hardship.

I even went out for drinks with a friend which I never do.

Only thing is I've weighed myself this morning and I've not lost. So now I need to sit down and have a think about what I'm going to do.... take my own advice? Know I've had a good week and wait for the loss next week? Or start to look at the pp I'm actually eating to see if I'm being too greedy with the F+H foods (likely).

I've got some thinking to do!!!
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S: 13st4lb C: 9st9lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 21.8 Loss: 3st9lb(27.42%)
Well I had a sulking day on Monday and Tuesday so here I am on Wednesday deciding I need to get a grip and get back on track.
Hubby has just informed me that he's bought some fabulous fingers so I'm going to have to tell him to save them to eat by himself when I'm out on Friday.

Bad timing really but I'm out for dinner with work on Friday at Frankie and Bennys and then out for tea with friends at a Fayre and Square. Looked at both menus and neither are brilliant.

I think I'll be having penner arrabiata at F&B's and either a steak or chicken salad at F&s, I looked at nutritional info on f&s website and it's scary how many calories I'd be eating if I went there on an 'off' day.

So today I've had:
Breakfast, crumpet (no butter)
Dinner, Chicken stirfry and cauliflour rice
Snack, ham pitta (in ww f+h pitta)
Tea, wholemeal noodles with homemade tandoori chicken and curried vege (1pp ww curry paste)
Snack, ww rich toffee bar. (2pp)

F+H +3pp. I might work out how many pp it is though because it might be less.

It's so hard to stay on track when you're forcing yourself to do it each day. I miss when I was doing it initially and I wanted to do it. Now I know I need to do it because don't feel as good as I did!!

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