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Jo's better late than never diary


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Well, i thought it was time I started a diary - should have started on day 1 and its now day 26 but hey ho!

Well, I'm now well into SS and have lost 13lbs in 3 weeks. I am hoping for another couple of pounds this week when I get weighed on Tuesday.

I'm 35 years old, married, with a 2 yr old boy. I work part-time and currently dont have much spare time for hobbies!

Anyway, I must say that this diet has definitely got easier over time- I now think much less about food and it has become almost a way of life.

I start aam on Tuesday evening and I'm so looking forward to eating something! Not just for the sake of eating but also the social aspect - it means I can join in with the family and not tell my toddler that "mummy ate her tea in the kitchen" every time he quizzes me about why i'm not eating with him!

Went to McDonalds today with my husband and toddler for a treat (well, their treat not mine!) I had a black tea while they tucked in and it didnt really bother me. I dont try to avoid situations like that as i want to carry on as normally as possible!

I've also been cooking more than nigella lawson! I've made things from scratch such as meatballs and pasta and baked muffins, chelsea buns, chocolate chip cookies! I dont know what is wrong with me! I dont feel tempted by them its almost like i'm vicariously eating by cooking them! lol

Like most of you, I've done every diet under the sun and yo-yo ed most of my life. However, this really is the first diet i have done where i feel confident that i will reach the end. Its absolutely fantastic and the best thing is that you really dont feel hungry with it. With other diets i have always felt hungry.

Another positive point for me is the psychological aspect of this diet - it has really broken the destructive relationship that i had with food previously. i really feel that when i do return to a "normal" diet, it will be exactly that.....normal!

Thanks for listening.
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jelly belly
hi jodie
well done on your losses so far
you sound very positive
good luck for the rest od the cd journey
kaz :D


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Well today has been a really hard day for me. I dont know why but I have been really craving hot buttered toast today! I think its the weather - its so dismal and i've got a cold so feeling down in the dumps!

Was at work all day so the time went really quickly but it didnt stop me daydreaming about toast and crumpets!

Now back at home and having a can of coke zero to try and get rid of those cravings! Got a cd bar later so hopefully that will do the trick!

4th weigh in tomorrow and in the evening i will have my first aam! yippeeeeee - i cant wait to eat some proper food! i'm going to eat each mouthful really really slowly! lol

Anyway, thanks for listening


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Hi ya Jodie

Well done you on your fab start on your weight loss journey

If I were you I would avoid the coke zero as for me it starts the hunger monsters off (maybe why you crave toast ???) I hope you have a great weigh in this week and look forward to reading all about your journey

Luv Luv


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Went for 4th weigh in yesterday - lost another 3lbs so thats 1 stone 3 lbs in 4 weeks - very pleased with myself - lol!

Now fitting into some of my pre-pregnancy clothes that i havent been able to wear for around 3 years - its like having a whole new wardrobe!

had my first aam last night - it was pure heaven! chicken and broccoli. It was such a small portion but i tried to imagine i was at an ala carte restaurant and thats how it was meant to be! lol

Felt quite full after my meal but managed to squeeze in a choc/orange bar as well - yum yum - they are definitely becoming my favourite bars.

Well, thats it for now
Thanks for listening


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now on day 3 of aam week and i must say that for me it is pure heaven.

The meal in the evening really makes a difference to me and I feel quite normal again being able to sit at the table with the family, go to friends for a meal and so on.

Seriously considering staying on the aam or 790 until i reach goal. I still have just under 2 stones to lose so i know it would take abit longer but it may just be abit easier.

have cheated slightly in the last few days as i have a terrible cold and have sucked on some propolis lozenges!

Over and out


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hi all

trying to up the water intake as i have only been drinking the minimum 2 to 2 and a half litres and i see that most people get through 3 to 4 litres.

Also cut down abit on the coke zero and chewing gum to see if that makes a difference.

Still cooking like a nutter - made fresh bread rolls for the first time in my life yesterday - omg the smell in the kitchen was pure heaven! I couldnt test the rolls but my husband said they were really nice!

I wonder if I'll still be into all of this cooking once i'm eating again! lol

Struggling with portion sizes of the vegetables - still cant work out what a tablespoon is!

anyway, off to have my fish and cabbage now - yum yum



jelly belly
hi jodie
i love the smell of fresh bread

sounding like you are pretty focused
keep up the good work
kaz :D


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Thanks Kaz - hows it going with you?

Only one more day of aam if i stop at my next weigh in on Tuesday. Thats abit of a downer!

Having said that, i think i will try to go back to ss as my portions on aam having been getting bigger each night! I keep to the suggested amount for chicken or fish but i've definitely had more than the suggested veg. Its been so nice though.

I think i will see how ss goes week to week, even if i only do it for another 2 weeks then that will be better than nothing. If i stay on aam then i think my portions will increase every day!

I weighed 11 stone this morning which means that if i can do ss for another month then i could get to 10 stone which would only leave half a stone to get rid of by 790. I think I can cope with that.

I'm really surprised with myself for getting this far. I am sure that part of my success has been the support of people on this site - its made such a difference to me - thankyou everyone!

Well, just finished my malt toffee bar and only drunk 2 and a half litres today so havent done brilliantly. Also had 2 coke zeros, and some chewing gum!

Looking forward to a new week and losing more weight!

Lots of love to you all and good luck everyone with this week

Had my 5th weigh in yesterday - another 3lbs off so I was really pleased with that considering it was my aam week.

All the stress i went through fretting over the amount of veg i was eating really doesnt seem to have made a difference at all.

Decided to go back on ss to get the next 6lbs off - i will then be at 10st 7lbs and BMI 25 which means i move up to 790 - hooray!

Getting into some of my old size 12 clothes now which feels great. Some of the smaller size 12s i still cant squeeze in to yet but i'll get there.

Some people have started noticing the weight loss now which is good. Alot of people havent said anything at all though so i dont feel that its really showing yet.

Today is the first day that i've actually felt hungry in a long time. Its so strange but my tummy has actually been rumbling and I could easily eat something. Keeping strong though and having a coke zero instead. Off for a pedicure in a bit so that will be lovely and relaxing.

Thats about it for now

Half way through my fifth week now and right back into the SS. At last my hunger has subsided. The aam week was great but it definitely made me hungrier when i restarted the SS.

Will try to keep to SS until i have reached BMI 25 which really shouldn't be long. Weighed myself "unofficially" this morning and I was 10st 12lbs which means i am only 5lbs away from my BMI 25. However, it also means that i've only lost 1lb this week so far which isn't really that great!

Feeling quite strange at the moment as some days I feel quite slim and others i feel huge! When I am wearing my normal clothes I feel slim because they are all becoming loose. My size 14s are still wearable but falling down! I can get into some of my size 12 clothes but not all of them. I would say I am now a small size 14/ large 12. When I try to squeeze into some of my size 12s I start to feel fat again!

I went swimming yesterday and felt really fat in my swimsuit!

Only had one shake so far today. Will probably have a hot choc around 6pm and then a bar during the evening.
Haven't got round to writing in here for over a week now... time passes so quickly!

Well, it should be my weigh in today but I am taking my little boy out for the day so I have it on Thursday instead.

I have still weighed myself this morning (just for the record) and I look as though I have lost around 4lbs this week which is great. My totm is due in the next day or so though so I am just praying that I dont put on by Thursday! The first time round it really affected my weight loss.

I am now well into 790 which i'm really enjoying. My veg portions have been abit on the large side but I'm not beating myself up about it. I figure that its better to have an extra spoon of broccoli rather than a chocolate cake!

My weight loss hasnt been really fast and sometimes that is frustrating when alot of people on here lose huge amounts each week. But, I've now accepted that this is how my body is going to deal with this diet and its still more than i would lose on any other diet. I have just over the stone to lose now so I know its going to slow up abit but as long as I get there in the end then that is fine.

My original plan had been to get to 9 1/2 stone by my birthday on the 30th September - hopefully still achievable.

Got a few books on emotional eating now which I hope to start reading this week. Really want to tackle the psychological side of my eating as that will be the test at the end of all this.

Will report back on Thursday with "official" weigh in.

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