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Jo's food diary

Hi everyone. I have been low carbing for about a month now, and have lost 6/7 pounds. I am happy with this. But want to continue losing, and wouldn't mind if I lost a bit quicker.

So, to keep me focussed I am going to post my food diary on here. I would really appreciate any comments. Thanks guys.

Brekkie: three rashers of bacon (grilled) and mushrooms fried in butter. Blob of fullfat pasto mayo. Cup of tea with drop of full fat milk

Lunch: Massive salad with home made olive oil/white wine vinegar dressing. Chicken with pesto.

Tea: Salmon fillet (will probably fry or poach in a little white wine) with french green beans and a courgette, tomato, parmesan and breadcrumb bake. Not many bread crumbs - prob 1 thin slice of wholemeal bread in my serving.

At some point in the day I'll prob have a piece of cheese and a handful of dry roasted peanuts.
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Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
Hello jo - well done on your loss so far! Hope you're enjoying the diet.

If you're looking to make a few easy adjustments to cut out a few more carbs, well the first two things that leapt out at me were the dry roasted peanuts and the breadcrumbs. Plain salted peanuts are far less carborific than dry roasted, but ideally if they are to your taste then whole nuts such as macadamias and cashews have a lot less carbs than peanuts which are technically a legume.

Not many people around here would have any bread at all on a low carb plan, except those who are on Maintenance of course. I'm not saying you shouldn't have it, and you've obviously already lost some weight just limiting yourself to small amounts, but if you're looking to cut carbs further that would be an obvious one for me.

Looks like you're getting in a wide variety of low carb veg though so that's great. Do you feel healthier & have more energy?
I have felt better whilst low carbing. I'm a pretty active person anyway, so haven't really noticed a change in energy levels. But I feel better as I feel less bloated. And with the exception of one or two 'fed up' days I've generally felt happier as I feel better about my body. Whilst its only 7 pounds you can really tell - or at least me and my bf, and someone I hadn't seen in a while said so anyway.

Thanks for the nut tip - I've been thinking about cutting them out anyway. Its not always so easy to limit myself.

The guidlines I've been following are from the New High Protien Deit, which does allow you 1 slice of wholemeal bread per day. I rarely eat it though, this dish is a bit of a one off. The plan allows you to eat between 40g - 60g of carbs per day.
LMAO, that sounded guilty. LOL
well being a good yorkshire lass I like a drink or two. My personal choice is real ale <sob>

So today...

Breakfast: parma ham - a little bit of cheese

Lunch: Big green salad with chicken and pesto mayo

Tea: Chicken and chorizo salad (I think anyway)

Probably a glass of red.

By the way everyone - would be great if other people wanted to add their food. I notice in the Atkins thread they have a 'what are we eating'. So would be good if we did this. Maybe help keep focussed.
ah now, real ale, yes indeed. Luckily I'm allowed the odd glass or two of Guiness now I'm on maint Jo.
breakfast: 4 smoked almonds and a frankfurter. tea with splash of milk

Lunch: huge salad with parma ham and tiger prawns - in a homemade marie rose sauce.

Tea: Chicken in a tomato sauce with loads of roasted veggies.

Glass of red.

Will prob have a piece of cheese at some point too.
Jim - luckily when it comes to Real Ale a lot of pubs don't really keep it right, so I don't mind having a white wine soda. But if it was on good form everywhere, I would probably miss it more.

What is strange is the first week I decided to low carb I just did it on my own - guessing the kind of things that had A LOT of carbs in. I didn't cut them out entirely and ate a few chips with my steak and drunk pints of ale and still lost a lot of weight. So I'm not getting too hung up on it. If I want a half of ale sometime, I'm still going to have it. I know I'm the kind of person that if I make a point of denying it, I want it. Tis the main reason I could not do Atkins.
You have to do what you know works for you Jo. :)
You have to do what you know works for you Jo. :)
Cheers for that. I am making adjustments at the moment that are significant enough for me. Maybe in the future I will make further adjustments. I know if I did anything too drastic I would just fail. So baby steps is the way I'm takng it.

What I'm doing at the moment seems to be working. So wish me look!

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