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Jo's lipotrim journey

Day one of my Lipotrim journey.....

Well last night after days of researching about meal replacements diets i decided to go and buy myself the lipotrim products from the local phamacist. Okay so yes i have technically been on the diet before but guess how long i lasted......... a whole 6 hours. So i didn' do very well at all. This time is so different, I feel absolutley shocking, over the past few months I have put more weight on and gone out of my comfort zone and been feeling down about myself. So here I am after weeks of weight watchers and trying to also diet myself i got no where.

Day One

I woke up this morning very positive had prepared everything to take to work (whisk, jug, shake, water) and am in a very determined mood today. Feeling slighly concerned out the first week as i believe its BAD!!!! But my thinking is take a day at a time and surely it cant be as bad as going through childbirth twice.

Decided to get myself a black coffee on the way into work as I usually get myself a white coffee so why change a habbit of a lifetime, only difference is there will be no milk. Got to work and enjoyed my morning coffee and then had my first vanilla shake at 10am. Wasnt feeling hungry but i had to have it at some point... It tasted okay actually better than i was expecting so i am happy about that.

So next i decided lets get some water into my body so i had three pints of water between breakfast and lunch.

Lunch I have just had a 1pm, strawberry shake, again enjoyed it had started to feel a bit hungry at this point so was ready for my shake. I had to pop out to tesco at dinner to get a card so i went straight in and then went and got myself two bottles of sparkling water.

Just back at work now and really starting to feel hungry, oh nooooooo its coming, i knew it would sooner or later. Going to get my sparkling water drunk then get myself some black tea or coffee, whatever takes my fancy.
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Okay so Im really trying to keep on top of this water thing at the moment as I am feeling hungry and I actually feel that sparking water is helping me with my hunger more than still water.

I haven't actually told anyone I am doing this diet as I hate it when people become so judgemental and I really dont want to answer questions to anyone other than people that are actually interested or going through the same thing.

Emailed hubby before telling him that he will have to cook tea for himself and the kids until ketosis has kicked in, I will then see if I can cook after that as I really do enjoy to cook. So when I get in I am going to bath the kids while hubby is making their tea and then take them down when its ready. After that i will go upstairs and watch something on the laptop as its best i am away from whilst they are eating. Once they have finished I will take the kids to bed and hubby will clean the kitchen.

My friend at work has done lipotrim and she was the one that originally told me about the diet. I told her im doing it again and its so nice as she sits next to me and we can chat about it whenever I need to ask a question.
Hi Joanne,

Good luck on your journey! You have already got past the six hour mark from the last time so well done!

I never tell people when I'm on a diet, if I can get away with it cos you always get everyone's opinions on whatever diet it is you are doing.

Well done so far and stay strong!!
Hi SparklySize12,

Thanks so much for your reply its nice to know im not the only one with the opinion that sometimes things are better kept to yourself so that you dont get unessesary comments off people. Which diet are you on, I have tried so many and just failed miserably on most. So im hoping that this one with the rapid weight loss will spur me on.


Well its now 7.20pm and I had my last shake at 7pm. I decided that i would have the chocolate shake and put loads of ice in, i then put it in my cocktail shaker and poored in a glass with loads of ice. It was lush, the ice was a really nice touch as it gave me something to crunch on.

Actually upto now today hasn't been as bad as ive expected, my hunger has gone through stages of being really hungry so I would drink loads of water then not too bad. I find distraction and keeping yourself busy really helps.

I have actually just been in the kitchen and helped hubby cook some tasty sausages for him and the kids, then he walked in with a bag of chippy chips and honestly at not one moment did i actually want to eat them.

My determination is sky high at the moment so I feel that it will really help me to get through these next few days.

I found out today that we have our christmas work party on first week of December so this is my first goal to aim for. Not sure how rapid I will loose weight so im just hoping for anything, haha. Anything has to be better than where i am at now.

Im taking the kids to bed soon so as soon as i start to feel hungry i am going to take myself to bed as to not endure the hunger i may feel later.

If I can do day one, i can do day two.....
Im going to bed in a minute althoughi am not starving i can feel the hunger starting to come so im thinking well nine o'clock is a decent time to go to bed. Football is on anyway and im feeling really tired. So this means i have completed day one, woohooo. See you all tomorrow my fellow dieters x
Day two its 12.45....

Well im so surprised at how im feeling today, not hungry, amazing its only day two. I had a vanilla shake for breakfast which I really did enjoy and now im having the chicken soup, which i really like. Alot of people have said they dont like it but i think its lovely.

Do keep saying to myself not sure how long i will last on this diet but then i think dont be silly the end result will be so worth it. I was hoping to get to crimbo but thats like 13 weeks of this. Maybe im looking too far ahead, think i need to set a goal that is closer.

I wonder how much i will loose on my first week, i do hope i loose quite a bit as it will spur me on even more. The only side effect that i feel like I am getting occasionally is feeling a bit spaced out but then my body has to have some sort of reation as its not used to this.

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