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Jo's Xenical Diary

Hi everyone, well the day is finally here, its my first day on Xenical, was prescribed it last Thursday as so many dieting attempts have failed, despite my joining the gym last May I've actually managed to put on a stone since, I'm dreading the thought of yet another fat summer, scary holiday photos, chafed thighs and all the other things being fat brings you. I'm 24 years old, 5ft 2 so every pound shows, and currently weigh 13st 2lbs, which obviously is way over ideal. Clothing wise I'm a 16 but can sometimes get away with a 14 top.

Anyway, so far today I have eaten:


Bran Flakes with dried fruit
Semi-Skimmed Milk
Green Tea with Lemon


2 slices wholemeal bread
The thinnest of thin slithering of light sunflower spread
Few bits of Sainsburys bbq chicken slices, 3% fat, very nice
Green Tea with Lemon

And lots of water and sugar free squash in between. For dinner I am having peppers stuffed with savoury rice, and half :)sigh:) a Quorn fillet, as I was rather shocked to discover they are 8% fat! No cheese on top of the pepper tho, and lots of salad. So far I'm not hungry or feeling any side effects. Slightly worried about the margarine I had earlier but i really cant eat dry bread! I will get some Quark and use that as a spread instead.

So far the goals I have set out are:

  1. 2lbs per week weight loss
  2. To be feeling a lot better about myself by my 25th bday at the end of May, and hopefully at least 10lbs off.
  3. To be a true size 14 by summer, and not be so hot and disgustingly sweaty.
  4. To not be so ashamed of my holiday photos from this September.
  5. To feel a lot more confident and happier in myself by Christmas, and again not look in horror at the photos.
  6. To be a gorgeous, confident and much slimmer bridesmaid for my best friend next April.
I want all of the above soooo badly!

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Forgot to mention that I am also following SW, while stopping to check labels that I could usually get away with as synned things, so far have found a lot of things containing way over 5% fat much to my annoyance! Still, I'd rather stick to the 5% rule and the stricter elements of SW than have the side effects!
Thanks KittyBling! Well day one appears to have gone well, i havent felt hungry or been tempted to snack, my oh got me a little notebook to record all my food and my measurements and weigh ins etc which was really nice, he also told me he'd been given a free easter egg by a supplier, and not for one second did i think about wanting any of it! Also he's gone out tonight which would be my usual cue for a bit of secret eating - tonight though, I still feel full from dinner, I dont feel remotely tempted to snack at all, which is really good for me. I've done the ironing and am now off to bed, looking forward to tomorrow where I shall venture out to the shops for diet friendly food, fruit, salad and veg.

Night xx
just cam across this sight, i have literally just started xenical today,
hope ot goes well for you...
and also hope we never have any horror stories to share lol :)
Hope you had a good first day - this is my second and still no ill effects (if anything, things seem to have slowed down rather than sped up in the toilet area, sorry for the tmi!!!)

I've got co-op healthy living chicken tikka masala with salad and half a jacket for dinner, slightly worrying about the oil/fact that its curry - going out tomorrow morning and hoping that the bus journey will not be the start of my side effects!!
Hey,good luck with your weight loss journey.

I eat quorn alot as I'm a vege and coz it's low in fat! Are you sure your fillets are 8% fat??
I have just checked the packet on mine and it says per 100g there is 1.8g fat. And for 2 fillets there is 1.9g fat total.
I guess you mean the fillets in the breadcrumbs or whatever they are! Try the plain quorn though coz that has hardly any fat in.

Claire x
Hi, Jo, if things are "slowing down" as can happen make sure you are drinking loads of water and maybe up the fruit and veg intake. This can happen at the beginning so don't worry.

KB x
Hi Jo! GL with your goals :)

I find the pills slow me down as well. But I also eat bran flakes for brekkie and I've started drinking a lot more water too. Which I definitely think helps

and if you're eating more fruit and veg that'll help too!
I have the same issue with things "slowing down"...not so much anymore because I'm in a routine of drinking 2-3 litres of fluid each day (mostly water with squash) and that sorts me out. Either that, or a night on the vodka, but that's probably not the best solution :D :D :D
Thanks everyone - had no ill effects today, on the bus or otherwise!

Yes it is the crispy fillets that are 8% fat, my OH loves them and they're on offer at sainsbury's at the mo, I'll get different ones next time.

Also had another milestone today, first time out for something to eat, went to Toby, first time I've been there, had turkey, red cabbage, peas, carrots, onions, and a very small serving of vegetarian gravy chose that one instead of meat gravy as thought would be less fat as there's no meat juices or fat in it, plus couldn't bear the thought of roast dinner with no gravy - bad enough without yorkshire pudding and potatoes!!

Two things I've noticed now that I've done my third day is that I seem to have lower blood sugar levels than usual, while I'm not actually feeling the hunger feelings that go with that, at about half past three I get really tired, weak and wobbly, I think it must be as I'm eating so little sugar as compared to before, though I did read that the pills can cause lower sugar levels in diabetics - well I've thought in the past that I'm borderline because of my size and also because my mum is diabetic. I also know the signs of going low as my OH is diabetic. Has anyone else found this? Also get a really heavy feeling in my arms, and a clenched jaw for some reason!

The other thing I've noticed in the past 3 days, which I mentioned a bit above, is that I just dont feel hungry at all, I never have that totally hungry or I need something to eat NOW feeling, always feel slightly full throughout the day, which may be something to do with drinking a lot more and upping how much green tea I have - on average I probably have about 10 pints of squash, three of water and about 4 cups of green tea.

Anyway thats me for tonight, day four tomorrow, getting a day closer to tuesdays weigh in!!!

Hi everyone, well its weigh in day tomorrow so I thought I'd do a bit of a run-down of my first week, am feeling sooo much better than this time last week, I don't know how much I've lost but I feel like a different person, mainly because I've lost quite a bit from my 'muffin top' so it feels a lot less like I'm bending backwards and balancing my lower back on a shelf if that makes sense, so my posture is a lot better. My face looks tighter and I can no longer see hardly any double chin even if I put my chin right down, my bum doesn't wobble quite so much when I walk, my tummy is a lot lot flatter and much less bloated.

Now for the bad bits: have had lots of headaches, funny vision, keep seeing things move out of the corner of my eye, lack of concentration and reaction - so much so that the other night there was a spider on the bedroom ceiling, I'm terrified of them and usually would leap out of bed and fly into the bathroom until my OH removed it (with the bathroom door locked as well!). This time, I just laid there looking at it for a few minutes until my brain registered that it was actually coming down the wall, then shouted to my OH. Lower back around the kidney region has been cramping up, still 'slow' in the toilet department, had reasonably bad side effects last night as my OH done a roast and despite not having potatoes or parsnips the oil content still disagreed with me, tho the side effects weren't painful just a little shocking due to the colour and appearance (sorry for the tmi but you all know what I mean!!)

I still have not much appetite or thoughts of food, and am still avoiding temptation pretty well. Anyway I just thought I'd write all this down now so if I don't see much of a loss tomorrow I can read this again to spur me on! We booked our holiday today, its five weeks away, would love to be a stone lighter but even half a stone would be something, especially when it comes to being comfy in my clothes and looking not quite so horrendous in the photos.

All in all it has been a good first week! x
Jo, are you drinking enough water? At least 2 litres, preferably 3 a day? The headaches/blurred vision are a classic sign of dehydration, as is constipation. Good luck with weigh in and maybe make an appointment to see the doctor if things don't improve.

KB x
Jo, are you drinking enough water? At least 2 litres, preferably 3 a day? The headaches/blurred vision are a classic sign of dehydration, as is constipation.
I was thinking that KB.
You shouldn't really have side-effects like the ones you're describing, since Xenical usually only causes side-effects in the digestive system. Have a word with your doctor as KB suggests, if increasing your fluid intake doesn't work.
Hi Alex and KB - well my water intake could be better at times I must admit, and I'm always the first person to preach to others about the glories of drinking lots, then forgetting to do just that myself! I've currently got a pint of sugar free squash and a pint of water on the go at the moment tho, i do usually manage to get 2 ltrs in but ideally i know it should be three.

Anyway, on to the best bit - got on the scales this morning and have lost 4 pounds! I know its not the greatest result in history, but to me it is fantastic and while I think to myself 'hmmm its not that much', I think about how over the moon I would be if I lost 4 next week and how over the moon I would be, and realise that yes it is a pretty good loss. Very pleased with myself, now I just need to plan my weeks meals, go shopping and really concentrate on more water and then hopefully I should see a similar loss this week.

Very happy bunny today!
if you're still feeling a little "bunged" there could be more to come
Literally! TMI!! :D
Sorry to lower the tone of your thread Jo, and well done on your weight loss :D
Sorry to lower the tone of your thread Jo, and well done on your weight loss :D
:D Lol, I usually manage to lower the tone very well by myself! Am holding off weighing until next Tuesday as my scales are very exact and tend to weigh me higher throughout the day, even by a few ounces, so there's just no point, especially as the 4lbs off this week put me in the number 12's, a number I've not seen for at least 8 months, and I really, really don't want to see the awful 13 again! Tried to drink a lot more yesterday, and am doing the same today. OH is making a lovely mushroom risotto tonight which I'm looking forward to. We've somehow ended up with no less than 11 easter eggs between three of us, they're all on top of the microwave and every time I walk into the kitchen, they have no effect on me at all, I can totally ignore them without even thinking about chocolate, totally 100% not interested in breaking the diet. Very proud of all these tiny little changes. Aiming for 2lbs this week but obviously would love a lot more than that.
I love mushroom risotto!! jealous! :)

Good luck for tuesday!

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