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Journey Pics

Ive decided to put up my journey pics, so I can look back every month or so and see how far I have come, I hate the first ones and I am really embarrassed of them and shocked, so they will spur me on, so from now on a new pic a month to show myself how my changes are showing.
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Staff member
Congratulations on your wonderful weight loss!

Well done!:happy096:

You are looking fantastic!

Love Mini xxx

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Congrats Witchy, Looking good :)
Thanks guys, ive got such a long way to go but im looking forward to doing it now, finally my head is in the right place.


Staff member
Your so right, the journey feels that bit easier when your head is in the right place...if only we could make it a sticky:p

Love Mini xxx
Its getting easier now I can see the results, but weekends are really hard, OH is being ace and even the little one tells me Im not allowed to eat, bless her.
Aw thank you, would have been nice to have a good pic but it was a now or never shot lol, Im the one who hides from the camera and have missed so many family shots, will be great to finally start appearing in them, well in a few months.
Oh tell me bout it, ive been hiding from the camera since 2005.. when i packed up smoking then piled on the pounds have missed out on LOADS of holiday photos...very sad.

Heres to jumping INFRONT of the camera!!!! :D

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
I never like full body shots of me! I always go for the face instead. Cant wait to wear skirts, shorts etc next year in the summer :)
SHORTS what are these things you talk of haha, cant wear to done a pair of those, and like missessex said here is to jumping in front of loads of cameras.

Loving this place you keep me focused.
Ive booked a cottage in Norfolk with its own in door pool for this May to practice wearing shorts and swimming stuff, ive always been covered up, worst holiday ever this year going to Spain, it spurred me to do this diet, not being looked down on again or sitting on a plane looking embarrassed in my seat.

This is our year:D feeling quite nostalgic now and happy haha
Good for you the holiday sounds brill :D you'll be a skinny minny by May your already on your way!!!!! We're doing Florida again in July already booked villa like you i cannot wait to be skinny this holiday wahoooooo
OOO that sound heavenly, if I took my kids their they would bankrupt me haha, we went to Disney paris when I was pregnant with Georgie Porgie oo I was skint forever and that was just me, it was ace.
Hi witchy

The weight loss so far is very evident, you are doing so well, the thought of holidays in the future when we will be slim is a wonderful incentive.

Particularly as I am feeling a bit chilly all of a sudden - need to stick the heating on.

So pleased that you are making excellent progress x
thank you so much blingbabe xx
Your pictures show an amazing difference - well done! It's a good idea to take a pic each month. I'm so glad I took pics at the beginning and then mid-way. You've done fantastically well - keep up the good work and then there'll be no stopping you jumping in front of the camera at every opportunity! x.
wow you have done so well too Sue xx good luck with the rest of it and thank you x

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