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Day one came and went. I am glad I took the time off work to ease into this. I felt so hungry all day and know I would have been snacking on the things I cook. I started off with the banana shake in the AM, strawberry for lunch and made a chocolate fudgy browny for dinner. The latter had a great texture but tasted a tad salty to me. I still considered it a great treat! :) I usually have wine with dinner and before bed so was finding it hard to get to sleep... that and having to pee every 30 mins. I will try drinking more water in the AM rather than at night.

I struggled to drink 4 1/2 liters yesterday but I think it may have helped contribute to todays eye popping event. :eek:

I want to only weigh in every week, but curiosity got the best of me this morning....

I got on the scale... looked at the numbers... got off.... got back on... same numbers... I repeated this a few times (even picking up the scale once and started shaking it) but the same digits always appeared... 164.6. Considering I was at 171 just yesterday....Thats a whopping 6.4 lbs in a frigging day!!!!! holy googaly moogaly! I know most of it is water, but still it has me excited. Weeeeeeeee!

I have been chatting with my friends- many of which are copious drinkers of wine also ( as in 1-3 bottles every day), and they suggested that drinkers store more water for some reason and that having all that water to drink( more than I would normally drink in a week in a day) is helping flush that out.

Don't really care WHY its gone...just that it is:) I don't anticipate the losses to be this grand from here on out. I was aiming for 5 lbs the first week and then 3 every week after that..or roughly 1/2 lb a day. But I will be happily gagging down my liters today. I think I might aim for 5 just to see if I can.. I am sure my tired liver needs all the help it can get. :)

I am so glad I found this site. Reading everyone elses struggles and successes really helps put all my personal experiences into perspective and being able to know that others are reading my trials, tribulations, and hopefully eventual further successes helps me feel accountable and motivated.

Off to finish my second liter of water. Already had my banana shake this morning... was thinking about trying to making banana "chips" tomorrow .
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Superb loss, well done x x xx
Wishing you success on your weight loss journey!

Hi abstruse,

That is a fabulous loss already and very motivating!!! 6.4lbs. is almost half stone.

I hope you have measured yourself:confused:

I measure neck, bust, waist, hips, thighs, knees, calves, ankles, upper arms, and is amazing the way the inches come off and it is good to have these measurements for the times you feel the weight maybe slowing down, it is reassuring to see the inches coming down.

Also I think to have some before photos taken are another great reference to have as it is can be very difficult to see the weight coming off as it takes the head a while to catch up, but we have found if you have photos taken every six weeks you can really see the difference.

It does take a while to get your water intake up and you do adjust to the extra water and don't have to pee has often:)

I hope you have a good day tomorrow back at work and look forward to seeing how you get on.

Good luck with your weight loss journey and if you need any help just ask.

Love Mini xxx
"Thats a whopping 6.4 lbs in a frigging day!!!!! holy googaly moogaly! I know most of it is water, but still it has me excited. Weeeeeeeee!"

No pun intended? ;)

Ok, forget my joke. I'm really happy for you. Well done!
end of day 3

Hahahahaha... lots of weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


I just typed up a long post about my day and my computer logged me out just as I went to post....Argh

I am soo tired.....

But will do a quick less fancy recap.....

Soooper tired- not sure if its more physical or brain tired.... feels a little like both. maybe more brain tired though. My legs are sore, but I am thinking that is from walking to work. Its 1 1/2 miles one way. I am starting off walking 3 times a week and eventually want to walk to work every day. I also want to start swimming 3 times a week and also doing weights 4 times a week. I recently read an article about weight regain after diets and it mentioned that 90% of people who lose weight and keep it off ( regardless of how they lost it) for 10 or more years all incorporate exercise into their lives during and after the diet. So exercising I am!

Today was trying already.... I had a new cheese maker come in to sample some scrummy smelling stuffs.... I had to purchase on smell alone.

I was wondering how everyone else handles social situations where you have to turn down food. It would be nice to be able to just say " i am dieting to do something that will make me feel better" but often one just gets weird looks. Luckily my friends are soooooooper supportive. We will still go out, but I will be meeting them for dancing after they have dinner. Maybe I will get enough will power to just have a shake or a bar while they all nosh... for now that would be tempting fate.

OH and another 2 lbs down this morning. I wanted to only weigh in every week, but for now am enjoying seeing the scales dip lower and lower. I will have my measurements to keep me going should my weight ever stall out.

I can't wait for my belly to be smaller than my boobs!!!!!!:p:D

Even though I am tired and slightly achy- Today was not as hard as I had thought... but hopefully tomorrow will be a smidgen easier. ;)

I am off to saok in a hot tub full of epson salts, with a hot cup of green tea, and a steamy romance novel.
There are a few ways with coping in social situations.

If it is someone close to me then there is no problem because I told all and sundry about my diet and the know that once I have made up my mind about something then that is that, I'm not the sort of person to be overtly bulied or pressured into a corner because I lash out so people don't even try it.

If it is somebody you don't know and probably won't see again, you can say that you are fasting for a blood test or something similar. Or say you have already eaten, feel a bit ill, have toothache...anything!!! :D
HI - dont think we have met ;) I'm Helen - nice to meet you. :D

Well done on managing on this crazy diet so far!! Did you make the banana chips? Was wondering how they turned out!

Keep at it - your weight loss is fab and i think you will double the 5lbs your aiming for in the first week the way you're going!!! :)
Well done. I'm really enjoying your diary. You have SUCH willpower.
Hi abstruse,

Don't over do all the exercise in the first two weeks as your body is adjusting to your diet as well!!!

Walking is excellent and swimming...walking walks off the belly fat, it is the one form of exercise that is guaranteed to do that!

Swimming is easy on your joints and is good for toning and for keeping your lungs young and healthy.

Weights are good for the bat wings:rolleyes: (they run in my family:eek: )

It is best to have a routine you enjoy and is easy to become part of your life and that way you will stick with it...

The body is very forgiving and you will see wonderful results within the next few weeks.

Well done!!! down another 2lbs....

It is very motivating. Hope your having another good day.

Love Mini xxx
Morning day4

Its morning and I am feeling rather chipper. I had food dreams again last night. Dreamed about eating some kind of breaded fish (and lots of other stuff I have now forgotten). I remember in my dream feeling really full but keeping eating. Its funny, but I never really considered my weight to be a HUGE issue ( pun monkey!!!). I think i was ignoring it. Then about a month ago I went skinny dipping with my friends. Of course in the digital age everyone had a camera and some snaps got back to me...... I almost cried..... I look LIKE THAT?!!!! ( if I am feeling bolder I might paint over the naughty bits and post my jelly rolls in all their glory)

Clothes got tighter and I just got bigger ones and stayed in denial. Of course the first thing I did when I saw the pics was have a glass of wine and eat a huge shepherds pie ( yes the whole thing!!!). As I was stuffing myself I realized I ate and drank to comfort myself- I was not even really tasting the goodness of the food.

I tried just cutting down, but as long as food was in the equation I still comfort ate. I think it became habit as the evening seem to be the hardest time for me so far ( in my measly little 4 days) on this diet.

I was searching the web and found Mikes site My Cambridge Life and it really inspired me. through there I found here. I lurked for a bit and well... here I finally am.. actually losing lbs. As for bringing food back in..that will be my next challenge. I feel actually more worried about maintenance than finishing CD and reaching my goal. OK so its a far ways off but I want to be prepared!

For now I am happy with another lb off the scales! I am .2 lbs from having lost 10 lbs already!!!! Thats just crazy!!!!

Starting off the morning with a strawberry shake...the shakes are tasting better and better to me.

I have been coming up with a slew of ideas for baking...the next brownie/fudgy I make I will add red chilli powder and cinnamon. I remember this fantastic fudge I had in Mexico that was made that way.

As for the banana chips......( hello Helen and thanks for the encouraging words and introduction!!!! From your ticker looks like you are doing a fantastic job yourself!!)the first batch was a tad to crispy ( burned:p)tasting. I think with a savory chip that might enhance the flavor, but did nothing for banana. So I tried again and ended up making little "sugar" cookies.. sorta like mini vanilla wafers..... ohhhh I just gave myself an idea for the vanilla... and so inspiration strikes. I am also going to be trying banana bread muffins with chocolate chips ( 1/2 banana pack with 1/2 a chocy bar chopped up as chips) Sad that I can only cook one pack a day, but I am kinda enjoying not having to cook.

Thanks for the advice chicken! My boss is going to be wondering.. I might just say I have a food allergy and am trying to figure it out and it takes a few months... trying to explain to another chef why I am not eating will just get me in trouble. Its a challenge then for him to cook me scrummy faves to tempt me.... I am a stinker and have done that myself once to someone dieting.... hopefully that negative Karma won't chomp me in the derriere!:eek:

Was reading Cah-ching's blog and wishing I had more time to scour through all the postings and read more and comment more on everyone elses journeys.

Perhaps next Monday on my day off.

As far as exercising goes.. I am starting off 3 times a week with walking to work... then adding swimming the next week, walking all 5 days to work, and weights the next week.Slow and steady so my body can keep up!

OK off to shower and get ready for work....might stop by tonight to check in,

Hope everyone has a great day!

oh yea....

I just wanted to thank Mini here in my journal for setting up this site!!!!!!!! You are the best!:D
You are doing so well!!!!!!!!!!!

I too had a dream last night, that I ate toast, and tons of it, I actually woke myself up shouting NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Oh how I laughed today when I remembered it.

Its so funny how the mind plays tricks, I could actually taste it when I woke up, its a good job we had no bread in the house or I would have actually thought I'd gone and done it!!!

You seem so full of life, well done to you for starting CD, and I look forward to reading your thread x
Yesterday was pure temptation... if you can handle reading about food then I would suggest you skip the little second paragraph!!!!!

I went to work and then was invited to a wine tasting at a new wine storage cellar that opened up. over 100 bottles of wine, champagne, and ports, sherrys etc. I was debating passing, but some of the wines being opened were $350 a bottle and I knew I would most likely never get the chance to taste them again. So I went. Sooooooo many scrummy wines.... and I SPIT!!!!!!! I so wanted to swallow the wines, but I spit. I was very very proud of myself.. I did get some weird looks from people... in the past my motto has always been.. "why spit... waste not want not".So wine as a temptation is nill at this point. I actually noticed the texture and aroma and flavor more than I normally would, so perhaps by doing CD my palate is becoming more refined:)

Ok so here was the temptation!!!!!!! With swanky tastings comes swanky food....Cider plank smoked lemon pepper salmon, Asparagus, a cheese plate... french brie, mimole, gouda, all my faves, crusty bread, fruit plates.... etc etc...

I actually had to stop myself as my mouth started watering just writing about all that! :) I had not had my shake yet for the evening and it was nearing 7:30. My mind kept saying.. Just eat one little asparagus... its a veggie its not bad.. or just make a little plate and skip your shake..etc etc. I actually went and put food on a plate.... then put it down and walked around the block. I stayed a little longer and then went home and cooked a "fudgie".

Today is going to be another food related day. Going to the farmers market for veggies and to the meat and seafood markets to get supplies for next weeks classes. Cooking one of my favorite dishes in class tonight..... Crabby cakes. (Sigh) I know I can do this. I want to be healthy and happy more than I need to have my taste buds appeased!

Funny looking at the last sentence... I should NEED to be healthy and happy and only WANT to eat scrummy foods.

No lbs lost this morning on the scale, but I also only drank 1 1/2 liters of h2o yesterday. I am not disheartened as I have already lost WAY more than I had been planning on in the first week!

Hope everyone else is reaching toward thier goals!!!!!
Hi abstruse,

Well I think if you can get through a day like yesterday, you can just about get through anything...

You will have plenty of opportunities in the future and by then you will have your beautiful figure you just won't want to destroy it after all your effort.

You need your water as we have to replace the water we would normally get from out food and we also need this water to flush out the toxins etc.

So try to make sure you have your water with you.

Well done and now on to the next hurdle tonight and crabby cakes...can smell them.:)

As icemoose would say...Keep your eyes on the prize!!!

Love Mini xxx
day 6 already

Another lb lost this morning!!!!! Whahey!!!!!! :)

Ketosis ( the smallest amount) finally showed up on my test strip as well this morning!!!!!!

Yesterday was actually easy! I thought that the crab cakes class would get me ( the crab is fresh caught and in peak season right now.....). But I was happy just smelling them. Yes my mouth did water, but I just stopped and enjoyed the smell and reminded myself that after january I will be able to have these yummies again in normal portions.

Today I am teaching a wild mushroom class and we are going out mushroom hunting in the woods!!!!! It should be great!

I feel so much better energywise yesterday and today. My brian is actually working again and not just fluff. I was worried that fluffy head feeling would last the entire diet! meep!

As usual not enough time to post much, but hope to scour other posts Monday or Tuesday on my days off.

Hope everyones journeys are going well!
Well done abstruse!!!

Another 1lb. down and in ketosis...:D :D :D

Enjoy your day mushroom hunting.

Love Mini xxx
day 6

Yesterday went well. Call was great. I think the walking tons actually energized me. ( ?)

Cravings were minimal. I even went out to the bars with some friends late last night. I was all snuggled in with my PJs on ready to snooze, but they came and scooped me up and dragged me out. Everyone all had drinks and I had the most wonderful green tea and also some mint tea and a chamomile to finish the evening off.

It was really nice!

I am also thinking about changing jobs. Cooking is fun, but the classes I teach revolve around french cooking and it high in meats and fats. I feel like a contradiction... trying to be healthy yet teaching people to slather food in slat and STICKS of butter. I teach french style cooking right now so there is really no way to avoid it. I really like the job otherwise, but I want to be doing something that is 100% in tune with who I want to be.

We shall see... what comes to pass will come to pass!

No lbs lost on the scale this morning, but I did only get a few hours sleep and ended up drinking 5 pots of tea way after my normal time so think that might have something to do with it.

Still in ketosis though, and tomorrow will be day 7!!!!!!! One full week on this crazy road to a healthier me! YAY!

Also I changed my goals a bit. A few lbs less for my target weight. I was aiming for my 18 year old weight- which the more I think about it is maybe just to low for me right now. I also bumbed up my end date. I would really love to hit goal by January 1st. If I stick with this and lose 1/4-1/2 a day I should have the new me for the new year!
End of week one

OK so technically I rounded up.. only 12.6lbs lost... but hey.. I am still soooper happy and really there is no "only" about it!!!!!!!!!

I also have dropped 13 inches from my body!

My pants are fitting better now.. I was deluding myself they still fit- even if I had to spend 5 minutes squeezing into them and laying on the ground to try and get the darn zip up:p You would think all that work would have kept me in shape!

Yesterday was HARD!!!!!!!!! Long story short.. I am tired of teaching people how to cook unhealthy...yes butter is good, but not in STICKS at a time;) I left my job as a teaching chef and am studying to get myself re-licenced as a maasage therapist- A job I ADORED but that fell by the wayside during many cross country / continent moves.

So I am officially unemployed right now...great!:rolleyes:

I am living off my vacation money and will hopefully be able to study and pass all the exams by the end of the month or the beggining of next month.

So with boss confronting and lack of money stressors I was all cued up for an emotional binge eat.

Read some posts on here and looked at some of the great success stories and managed to just take my shakes ( made mexican brownie...chocholate shake and chilli powder cooked.. for dinner- I felt so indulgent) and survive.. even through making the man dinner.... and not just any dinner, but my fave. Quorn Punjab curry with popadoms, rice, nan, and chutney dips all from scratch.

I was fine cooking but when it came time to watch him eat....really really struggled... i just wanted to tear into the food. I served it up smelled it for awhile and then went for a walk arounf the block which REALLY seemed to help me. I felt more in controle.. less hungry.

Exercise actually seems to save me form falling. Nothing strenuouse. Swimming, walking and I have started using resistance bands just for my arm wings.

If I walk too fast or try and swim seriouse laps I just get hungrier and knackered, but I have found a perfect pace that makes me feel more limber and energized during and after. I was wanting to do weights eventually, but right now I really doubt that my body is at all ready for that. In another 2-3 weeks maybe. Play that one by ear.

OK I finally have some time to get out and comment on some of the posts I have been following! Not that I have much to say... I am such a lurker at heart!!!! :p
day 9

Lots of energy today. After the usual rough late night. Just get cravings so bad in the PM.

I ended up having an extra 1/2 shake last night and only 1/2 this morning to compensate. I am thinking that from here on out I will split my last shake over the evening hours to help tide me over the roughest times.

I found a scale I REALLY want to get. I want to make sure my muscle mass is staying strong throughout this diet and beyond and that it is actual fat I am losing. It monitors water bone mass everything! Fancy schmancy! It will be my prize to myself for hitting my mini target of 130lbs.

Innerscan Scales

Its plenty pricey, but with all the money I am saving on not going out to eat it will pay for itself.

I am off to go for a nice long walk in the woods... its absolutly wonderful outside today!

NO more daily weigh ins from here on out.

Next weight update will be next monday!

My goal is 155- so a 3.2 lb loss. I can't wait to be under 150.. its been ages!!!!!