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  1. jaderoxy

    jaderoxy Member

    Hey Guys,

    i am new to this forums and thought i would start a thread to see if anyoen wants to 'diet' with me.

    I have always been on the big side... way back in 2005 i lost about 3 stone on the atkins and got down to a 10/12 but i have not put that all back on - and then some.

    I am a size 16/18... have put on at least a stone and a half in the lst 4 months. If i dont get rid of it now i never will! So - this time i am serious! I start on Monday 17th August - so if any one wants to join me - we have the weeeknd to clear the cupboards of crap and get some healthy munch in.

    I will be combining with with exercise and giving upi smoking too!

    Jade Roxy X
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  3. jaderoxy

    jaderoxy Member

    I have decided to start out on the cabbage soup diet for a week just to kick start my diet and give me a bit of motivation. Then after that i will be low calorie low carbing with exercise too. I have joined my uni gym and will be attending aerobics clases and spin classes... then hopefully when i feel ready for a swimming costume will be doing swimming too.

    My first 2 goals are to lose 1 stone and to fit back into my favourite dress, It is a smallish size 16. It got it for my birthday in may and have only been able to wear it once - and that was after starving myself for a week!

    I am on low calories today and will buy my soup ingredients tonight.

  4. Jettica

    Jettica Shoot to thrill

    I'm A 16/18 with a view to get down to a size 12 in jeans. Let's do this together. I'm low calorie dieting and doing a little bit of exercise (need to do more, have just bought EA sports active). I'm 16st 3 and would like to be in the 15s come Saturday. I wonder if that is doable!

    Good luck. Do you have msn or anyway we can chat and lose together. I need the motivation!
  5. CuddlePaws

    CuddlePaws Full Member

    I'm quite happy to MSN with any of you guys who would like some support. Just pm me for my addy or give me yours and I'll add you :)

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