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I have no problem with the fact that I've lost inches from my waist but my boobs are still huge (much to my OH's delight!!) but I'm gutted about my jowls.

My chin has definitely reduced in size but my face shape has gone from round to a square shape BUT I'm absolutely gutted that, having reached my 40s before seriously doing something about my weight, I have obvious jowls.

It would have been wonderful to have at least had a few years with a slim face but I've left it too long!

I'm feeling like Droopy!
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I know what you mean, I HATE to see my jowls in photos!! Hopefully we can get rid of them.
But I also think that as you lose weight, your list of perceived horrible bits changes....We get fussy and picky and the self-criticism shifts focus a bit.
It's like a slimmer who says, "I don't care about any part of my body other than my tummy. I HATE it!". But once the tummy starts to disappear she then starts to notice that her thighs are chunky, then that her bingo wings are ugly, then that her fingers are fat......

Two months ago I didn't think I had jowls or double chins! I only just noticed that I do and then I saw your post.....So I'm not the only one.

Well done so far anyway, Suepat. Jowls or no jowls, losing weight will make us look loads better and that's a fact.

Happy Holidays

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Bingo wings, thats what I worry about. Jowls will happen whatever I think, but I do use anti ageing day & night cream hoping it will prolong the process :D I'm just wondering when will I get too old to dye my hair & cover the grey bits :rolleyes:


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I will always have my 'roundish' face I think.

I caught mumps about 15 years ago and I have been left with a swollen gland on either side of my face, so I actually look like a hamster at the moment, hopefully as my face gets thinner the glands won't look so bad........