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Is anyone else passing judgments on other peoples food? I really don't mean to but my poor bf thinks im judging his large portions and unhealthy options. I know i do make comments but I don't mean to sound *****y Its more like i cant believe I used to eat that much!!!! I do hope when im back to eating that he may pick up on some of my new healthy habits!!!
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Is he overweight too? In some ways I wish my OH was but he's been the same weight for the last 20 years! Even if we go on holiday and he pigs out for a couple of weeks, his weight doesn't change and we come home and he carries on eating as normal for him. It's just not fair!!!
My partner is quite lucky and can almost eat anything he wants

but I have to admit, if he has wanted a takeaway he has gone and eaten it in the car, or if I'm out with him he will eat it sitting on the pavement

bless him xxx
If only my OH was so considerate ! We've just had supper, I microwaved him an M&S curry and sat down at the dining room table with my vanilla shake....the smell of the curry was almost too much to bear but I want to carry on eating together as we always have for nearly 20 years!

Something weird happened today though...when I started LT earlier this week I thought that the taste was disgusting, tonight, however, I really enjoyed my shake! Anyone else felt similar.
No he's not overweight he does have a belly though but he's very tall so carries it well, its just he eats terribly and huge portions, we joke that he's a feeder cause i used to be really skinny b4 we started going out and then i started eating his big portions!!!!

He's been so supportive since ive been on this i hate Mayo and fish with a passion so on my bad days he has to eat fish or mayo so im not tempted haha!!!
Since starting Lipotrim I have noticed the huge portions they serve in cafe etc and I think wow no-one needs that much food. Its no wonder we all put on weight, and Ive also noticed that a lot of people just cant eat it all so there is a lot of waste left on the plates it seem a bit crazy now when you sit and reflect on it. Although its a great lesson to learn when I finish Lt Im going to treat myself to a beautiful 'Smaller than average' china plate and cereal bowl and enjoy realistic portions.

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