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Juggling Social Events with SW - HELP!!

Hi All,

I am struggling a bit - i am really focused to "do it" this time on Slimming World, i have my goal - which is - i do NOT want to be a fat midwife and i start my training in September so want to be well on my way to losing the weight by then!

My problem is - since i've started, 2 weeks ago my main problem is juggling going out and staying on plan.

Last week i had a work event which involved fish and chips (i don't like fish so opted for a sausage and chips - thought i'd eat the sausage and leave the chips, but once in front of me i think i left about 2 chips!!!) I also ended up at a chinese with my friend and tried to opt for plain rice and noodles with veg, but the sweet and sour chicken was calling me and i gave in and had some!:copon:
So last week i didn't lose anything :(, i didn't put on, but i didn't lose.

So back on plan this week, but suddenly i look at my calendar and i now have 2 possibly 3 evenings that involve meals out. SO i need some help!

Tomorrow i am going to Pizza Express with work - is there anything people can recommend for me to eat thats good? Are those new pizza's with the middle cut out and filled with sald any good on SW?

Friday i am out with my friends (a rare occasion we can get us all together) which involves a meal out - probably italian or american style food! plus drinks afterwards!

Saturday is now a friend of my boyfriends birthday and ANOTHER possible meal out - probably indian or italian!

I don't want to lose the plot - but can feel myself thinking - well i haven't got a chance this week so may as well eat that, so i am looking for a bit of a kick to keep me focused.

Does anyone else struggle with these sort of months where everyone wants to go our and eat!?! Any tips to keeping on track?!

I do fine if i can control the temptation put in front of me, but when i go out i lose the ability to say "no" and tend to just think sod it, i'll have what i want just this once....but it's 3 times this week and i know that will reflect the scales!

Sorry having a bit of a moan as well as asking for help!
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In your pack you got when you joined there is a section on eating out & what to go for & there is also a section on SW online when you log in.

We don't have a Pizza Express so I am not too sure about that but I know when we go for a curry I have a green day then have something like vegetable Dhansak or Bhuna with boiled rice & rather than have a Naan bread I will have a Chapati (I think they average about 7 syns each wheras the Naan is 22!)

If you go Italian have something like a veggie arrabiata as that tends to be really low syn and try to avoid the garlic bread & breadsticks if you can!!

We all have weeks like this but these are what your flexible syns are for so try to keep your syn intake down for all the other days & you should be fine (easier said than done I know)

Good luck & let us all know how you get on


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I'm not sure about Pizza express I'm afraid, but I don know what you mean, I regularly go out to eat and it can be such a headache to worj out what to have.

Indian, I usually have either a veg biryani which is about 11 syns on green, or just chicken tikka (dry) with the salad, not sure on those syns, not very much I dont think.

Chinese, I have chicken chow mein (7syns on green) and fried rice (4 syns on green) I know chicken or beef in black bean sauce is relatively low in syns, about 4 or 5 I think.

Italian, mushroom ravioli is about 7 syns, but we dont have one round here so I havent been to one yet.

It does feel like there's so much temptation around, but you can still have relatively low synned nice food when you're out, it's all in the planning ;) :D



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I can really relate to what you are saying! I find SW great but as past few weeks I have had a serious number of social events and have struggled (gained 3lbs this week). I look forward to some sort of treat at the weekend but lately I have been out 3-4 times a week. You can still go out and enjoy yourself but as Maria said it is all in the planning. I'm afraid I didn't plan too well.

So I'm back to having a takeaway at the weekend for the next few weeks and see how I go from there. I always get a Chicken Chow Mein or Chicken Fried Rice. Luckily we don't have an Indian or Italian close by!


Eating out is defo one of the hardest things I find. I tend to try to eat superfee foods during the day (free on red or green), then make a choice of red or green depending on the menu. For Chinese meals, Green is often easier as the rice or noodles are free/low syn. For general restaurants, Red can be a good choice and choose meat/fish and have loads of veggies and just a few potatoes.

I tend to avoid the wine (which I love!) and go for vodka and diet mixer to keep my syns down.

Don't forget you can always have flexi-syns for that day, and carry on as usual the next day.
When you go out you need to look at it as a social occasion and not an eating occasion. You are there to have fun talking and enjoying others company. You will not deprive yourself should you not over eat high synn'd food - you will in fact be depriving yourself of that smaller size! Choose foods based around free and low synn'd food as much as possible (take the book with you if you need to). I would suggest if your not already that you do the Extra Easy plan those days at least so that you have more choice.
Remember you need to change your life style if you wish to be and stay slim.


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I have the same problem some weeks but all the people around me know that I am on this eating plan and are really supportive. Most restaurants will do a roast or salads so there is normally something you can eat that is relatively good.
And like Crimson Noir says, take your book with you so that you have a bit more information about things. Its guessing the syn values that may end up being a problem!


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Good luck-it is always a problem, but you have to have a life to, so it is just working round it all. I am envious about the midwifery! i am a nurse and always wanted to do it, but my own children got in the way! Lol! Good luck, its a great goal to have.


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Pizza express do some great salads, just ask them to hold the dressing and don't serve the dough balls.
Italian - go for a tomato based pasta and ask them to go easy on the oil, these things are usually cooked to order so you can ask for less oil and they are usually pretty accomodating.
For american - go for a steak but served with a jacket instead of fries and ask them not to put butter in the jacket.
For pub meals I also tend to have steak with a jacket and peas/salad.
For Indian - the tandoori mixed grill is a good option, tons of meat with no sauce served with salad and yoghurt dressing. I'm not sure of the syns but it's not too many!

As also suggested, eat superfree and synfree during the day and enjoy what you have when you eat out.
Have a good time!
Jay xx
Thanks for the advice, i am sure i can plan ahead and work things out...i think this morning the "3 meals out in 1 week" thing hit me and i suddenly doubted whether to carry on this week (the same old - i'll start again next week) but thanks to your replies, i do feel like i can make the choices and stay on track!

Fingers crossed & i'll check out my eating out bit and see what's best, but thats for the ideas here - they really help! If i know what i am having before i go that has to help!

Thanks again :)


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I would say the same as some others... don't guess they syns, and maybe try and extra easy day.

For example, on EE at an Indian (Because you take the lower syns from red/green for each item) you can have FREE boiled rice, and Lamb Rogan Josh or Chicken Dhansak for only 6.5 syns!!! Even something creamy like a tikka masala is 14.5 syns, so you could still stay within your daily syns.

Good luck, and don't give up!!!
I would say the same as some others... don't guess they syns, and maybe try and extra easy day.

For example, on EE at an Indian (Because you take the lower syns from red/green for each item) you can have FREE boiled rice, and Lamb Rogan Josh or Chicken Dhansak for only 6.5 syns!!! Even something creamy like a tikka masala is 14.5 syns, so you could still stay within your daily syns.

Good luck, and don't give up!!!
That's really good advice. I forget about EE cos I don't tend to do it, but it could come in handy for meals out!

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