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Discussion in 'JUDDD Diaries' started by juju_doll, 8 September 2012 Social URL.

  1. juju_doll

    juju_doll juju_doll

    Am really loving JUDDD but I'm not losing on it. I am maintaining though which is good, and means I've found a way to stay at the same way which I can do. So I'm going try to do a vlcd/juddd combo and see if it works! So as of tomorrow I'm going to do 6 days of vlcd, then go on to juddd for three weeks, then do 6 days etc. who knows if it will work but as I have quite a lot to lose I think I need a boost! I'll keep you all updated! X
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  3. MissieCB

    MissieCB Gold Member

    Hey Hun i seem to be having the same problem as u I have gained 4lbs and been doing JUDDD a month now !! Thinking of getting to my goal then JUDDD to maintain!!

    Keep us updated xxx
  4. slimdreamer

    slimdreamer Full Member

    Hi, can I ask what both of your average calorie intake has been on UD's?

    The same thing is happening to me but in my case I know I am going way over on my UD calories. Today is another DD and I keep promising myself the next UD I will have more control but keep going off the rails. :( However, I guess the good news is I have stayed the same weight! But I suffer big time on dd.
  5. slimdreamer

    slimdreamer Full Member

    Posting this because I forgot to subscribe to the thread.
  6. juju_doll

    juju_doll juju_doll

    My ud calories have been about a million! Which I know is the problem ..... But if I can maintain doing that pattern that's fine. What I want to do is lose it in short bursts, and maintain inbetween!
  7. MissieCB

    MissieCB Gold Member

    Mine have been 500/2000 babe so god knows what's going on!!! Think I'm going to have a long think this avo in the sun and decide on what's best for me xx
  8. slimdreamer

    slimdreamer Full Member

    Juju doll, I know it is hard but that is good to hear because if you were staying under 2000 on an ud and just maintaining I could imagine how disappointing it would be. It sounds like you are finding the ud as difficult as I am. The good news is that our million calories on those days aren't causing us to gain weight! I will be watching this thread with interest to see how you get on. Good luck!
  9. slimdreamer

    slimdreamer Full Member

    MissieCB, just saw your post. That must be really disappointing. Perhaps coming from such a restrictive diet calories wise could have something to do with it? Perhaps it would take a while longer for your body to adjust to the new diet?
  10. MissieCB

    MissieCB Gold Member

    Yeah I thought that but I have been doing of four weeks really zx
    Thinking going back to a cd diet will tip me over the edge so having a think.

    Thank u for bei g so sweet infact thank everyone on here u are all lovely and so nice to talk to understanding non judgemental peeps xxxx
  11. fizzyfluff

    fizzyfluff Gold Member

    Have you checked the juddd calc on Dr J's website to see what levels he recommends rather than the 500/2000?

    15 lost : 52 to goal
  12. MissieCB

    MissieCB Gold Member

    I have mines 375/1975 xx
  13. 2012willdoit

    2012willdoit 2016 Fitness/Fatness Status Changes

    My loss is slow, a bot surprising given the amount I have to lose, but it is coming off.

    I keep having to remember that I calculated my kcals for a 1lb a week weight loss and that is what I get on average. But I get greedy in the meantime :)

    I hope you find your way, good luck.
  14. yoga84

    yoga84 Gold Member

    I'm having the same problem :-( But I'm trying a week of sticking to Dr J's recommended calories and will see what happens then.. Though will have had 3UDs in a row this weekend which isn't great but at least they've been less UP than journal and I'm planning on 2DDs Monday/Tuesday :-D

    I can't face going back to CD - just the thought of shakes makes me feel sick :-( Plus I'm enjoying exercising now too which I could never do on CD as I felt exhausted throughout. On JUDDDD I feel great :-D I have to make this work :-D xxxx
  15. MissieCB

    MissieCB Gold Member

    This is true had a good think today but still more thinking needed xx

  16. juju_doll

    juju_doll juju_doll

    I feel the same about vlcd - hence the 6 day maximum! I'm trying to work to my strengths. I know I can do a vlcd effectively for a short length of time, I know I can JUDDD - so will attempt a combination. Sadly I have 6 stone at least to lose. At 1lb a month I'll hit goal weight aged 80!!
  17. Faith_111

    Faith_111 Silver Member

    That's interesting Juju, I really hope it works for you hun x

    I'm all over the place with JUDDD as my IBS decided to flare up. Eek! It's the only diet I've been able to stick to and trust me I've tried a fair few. Anyway, my reason for posting is to mention that I did a vlcd for 3 days (so in effect 3 DDs in a row) and then started on an UD followed by a DD and so on. I ended up losing 5lbs that week. This week, because of my IBS flare up, I've been on soups and shakes :s so that's another few days of VLCDing and I'll be back on normal food minus wheat from today. I know I've lost weight as my trousers are loose (yippee!) and I shall be weighing myself at the end of next week.

    I know this isn't the recommended way of doing JUDDD but I'm just saying what I've done and what I've lost doing it. Good luck to you all xxxxx
  18. juju_doll

    juju_doll juju_doll

    Ok, so day 1 of what I am delightfully calling fatty blast#1. 6 days of vlcd - actually going to have 2 slimfast shakes which come to about 460 cals. Stomach already grumblimg, which is a miracle after what i ate yesterday! Will keep you updated. Not getting on scales until Saturday though!
  19. Faith_111

    Faith_111 Silver Member

  20. juju_doll

    juju_doll juju_doll

    Slimfast shakes are grim! 5.5 days to go! May trial a range of vlcd shakes during my experiment!!
  21. Faith_111

    Faith_111 Silver Member

    I've trialled a few and think slim and save shakes and meals are the nicest. Cambridge second and Exante third x

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