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Oh no, I'm sorry you didn't get the result you were after! I know it's disheartening, but if you've stuck to your points all week then you'll probably find you'll have a really good loss next week - sometimes it just takes our bodies a while to catch up that's all.

Have you been pointing everything you've eaten/drank?...nothing's been guessed or slipped through the net?


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Hi Jules,

Really sorry to hear this has happened, but like Marie says, I bet you anything that you will have a fab week next week as a result..keep at it, i know its hard when you feel that you have got nothing to show for it this week, but I bet you will be surprised next week when you have shed lbs...Marie is right that it often takes time for you to catch up with whats going on, then I bet the weight will fly off!! :hug99:
Hi Marie

Think maybe I had a few points over a couple of days, but as I have 4 stone to lose thought I would still lose something!

I will be very careful this week and double check my points:break_diet:

Jules x
jules - if you have 4 stone to lose, are you sure 19 points is enough?

Just a thought - also, as the girls have said, sometimes it can take 2 weeks for a really good week to show up, especially if the week beforehand was particularly bad.

Good luck with this week and stick with it. Let us know if you need any help.
Hi jules, the very same thing happened me this week!
I was soooo good all week saved a lot of points as i was going out some of the girls said maybe i saved too many!

Chin up it'll show next week :)
Thanks for all your replies :rolleyes:

I have checked my points and it is 19. I sit at a desk all day which does not help.

I will be be extra careful with checking my points this week, I am not giving up!

keep up the good work guys :)
Aww Julie I'm sorry to hear this, please try not to let it upset you and feel like a failure I'm sure it's just a one off... I only started yesterday so can't really give any advice but my only thoughts are you sure on your portion sizes and also maybe speak to your WW leader to see if she can suggest anything?!

Good luck and fingers crossed that next week will be a good WI!
Jules have you definitely factored EVERYTHING into your points

Even allowing for no exercise

You get 3 for being female
Im thinking youre between 21 & 35 which is another 4 points
If youre under 5ft 4 you get another 1 or 2 if youre over 5 ft 4 so that takes you to approx 8 or 9 points.
If youre on 19 points that means youd need to be 10/11 stone something, losing 4 stone would take you to 6 or 7stones???? Which seems VERY low for about 95% of the population.
Hey hun - guess who ??!!!!

hellooooooo !!!

sorry you had a bad week....STICK WITH IT !!! WW is a fab plan and you will lose weight on it......track your points and you'll be fine - bet you have a great loss next week !

keep us posted !

lotsa love

Debz xx

Hello everyone,

I started WW last week and had my weekly weigh in this evening, and I have not lost anything:sigh:

I am doing the points system and am on 19 a day, thought I had been doing well so feeling a bit fed up to say the least:cry:

anyone else had the same thing happen to them?


Jules x
Thanks for all your kind words of encouragment.

I have looked at my points again and still seems 19 to me:eek:

3 for female
3 for age 35-50 range
12 for weight 12 stone 11lb
1 for height 5ft 2in
0 for sitting most of day

So as my ideal weight is around 9 stone, I have 3stone 11lbs to lose which is nearly 4 stone.

I am being extra careful about counting my points this week, so hopefully will have a loss this weeks weigh in.

If I am going wrong somewhere please tell me!


Going to do this......
keep on going Jules your be fine, sometime it takes a while to get started, I know I have been on nearly every diet.

My weight is very close to yours and I am the same height and I am on 19 points. Have you started with the kick start 18 points. on my week two now and only lost a pound.
I am sure you will have a good loss next weigh in, just stay motivated.

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