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Julies Journey To Being A Yummy Mummy!

Hi, i'm Julie. I'm 19 and just had my gorgeous little boy Charlie 7 weeks ago! My current weight is 200lbs:eek: and my goal weight is around 130-140lbs.:D
I went from 229lbs to 180lbs about 2 years ago by doing lots ov exercising on my exercise bike and eating a VERY low calorie diet (I mean like 800 cals a day). I know it's not good to limit calories too much but i'v tried diets since them and this is the only way i seem to be able to keep focused. Anyways, i went from 180lbs to about 192lbs just before i got pregnant so i;m nearly down to my pre-preg weight anyways. my problem is i do really well through the week and then binge eat at the weekends (usually due to a hangover) but since i had Charlie i don't really go out drinkin so much anymore so that shouldn't be a problem. I started my diet yesturday so i'll write about day one after iv done my intro bit and i'm also going to write my goals and some reasons why i want to lose weight. Hopefully if i look back at it when i'm having a bad day it will motivate me which i'm sure this forum will do aswell! I'v also joined FoodFocus which really helps me keep track how much i'v exercised and how many calories i'v eaten. so here goes.....

Start Weight :: 200lbs
Current Weight :: 200lbs
Goal Weight :: 130lbs

I will be weighing myself every friday aswell!

Why I Want To Lose Weight!
  • So i can buy clothes i want
  • So i have more energy
  • So i don't feel paranoid that people are looking at me all the time
  • So when i find a nice fella i feel like i deserve him
  • So i feel i look good and feel sexy:p
  • So i can wear a skirt
  • So i feel comfortable in a bikini
anyways...here goes!
thanks for the help i hope to recieve on my jurney and i'm really looking forward to helping motivate people on this forum when they are in need of a little help too :)
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Day 1

Well, got up around half 8ish with Charlie, been very busy so didn't get to eat till 1ish and i had some weightwatchers tomato soup. I did 200 sit ups before i had the soup and another 200 before had my tea which was a weightwatchers chicken tomato and basil meal. I'm going to give the exercise bike a miss today as i'm too tired with being out alot of the day but i'm going to do another 200 sit-ups and have a packet of snack-a-jacks with a nice cup of tea at around 9ish! I'll make sure i go on the exercise bike tomorrow morning when Charlie has a sleep so i'v got time as it will help my metabolism(sp?) seeing as don't eat breakfast! i'm finding it alot easier not to think about food now i'v got my little boy! I just don't have enough time to think about eating!! I know i should be eating some more but if i eat any more it makes me feel like i'm not going to lose anything. Anyways i'm feeling positive about tomorrow so we'll see how it goes! :D
Day 2
i'm not a really big breakfast person so i dnt eat it much but i always try do some exercise in the morning so it raises my metabolism. I did 15 minutes on the exercise bike and 200 sit-ups, then took Charlie to my nans to see her and them walked into town and had a walk about for about 40-60 mins. I had a small corn on the cob for my dinner and at tea time my mum and dad decided they wanted to go to the fish and chip shop!!!:mad: But.......even though i went with them i didn't get anything!! it was hell sitting there watching them eat it and all i could do is smell:eek: god it smelt good aswell ha! i felt loads better after they had eaten it though and i had resisted temptation:D:D!! i was starving though so i got some fridge raider chicken bite things but they only have about 120cals in anyways. Anyways i got back and did a few more sit ups and then my friend text me askin if i wanted to go to the pub with her for an hour. My mum offered to look after Charlie so i went out without having any tea :(..i was good though and only drank vodka and diet cokes. Came home later that night and decided to get something from the kebab shop so i got a small chicken kebab with garlic sause:eek: and salad. I'd say that was a pretty good choice...better than a pizza, burger or donna kebab anyways!! That was the end of my day anyways.

Day 3

got up at half 7 with Charlie and suprisingly NO hangover!!!!:p Had some strawberries for my breakfast and a Turkey salad sandwich for my dinner with light salad creme. My mum and dad went away to whitbey till thursday aswell so looking forward to seeing wehat its like to live with just me and my little boy! Had a walk into town again today for an hour or so, got back and had a weight watchers chicken tikka meal thingy which tasted soooooo nice! Its trange how good things taste when your'e on a diet. Later that night had a tin of heinz italian chicken and tomato soup. Another good day i'd say, especially as i drank the night before. Not done much exercise today though so going to get back into it tomorrow.


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Other people's fish & Chips always smell better than yours would have tasted (that's what I am forever telling myself on Fish & Chip Fridays LOL)
Day 4

Had an ok day. Had corn on cob for my dinner and did 10 mins on exercise bike and some sit ups. Had weightwatchers spag bol for my tea but got a chicken kebab for my supper because my friend came round and watched a film. I don't think they are too bad though it's just the garlic mayo thats fattening. I suppose i just think it's bad because it's from a take-away and wehrn you think take-away you always presume it's bad for you. I also decided to weigh myself in the middle of the day to see how i was doing and to my horror the scales said 204lbs which CANNOT be right:eek:! maybe it's because its totm or because i weighed myself in the middle of the day but i assure you i won't be weighing myself mid-week again! I'v been soo good on my diet if i have gained when i weigh myself Friday morning i will be sooooo p*****d of!:mad:
Day 5

Good day today. Had corn for my dinner and weightwatchers meal and packet of steamfresh veg for tea. I had a packet of snack-a-jacks later on and a piece of birdseye fish in breadcrumbs. I also had a walk into town through the day but next week i'm goin to set myself a mini-goal to exercise at least 20 mins on the exercise bike every day and do 300 sit ups a day. Weigh in tomorrow:( hopefully i will have lost something because i have tried really hard and not had ANY chocolate, sweets, bread, butter etc. at all.
Day 6 - weigh in

Got up and weighed myself straight away and the scales sain 200lbs:eek::( so i got off and got back on again and they said 196lbs:eek:!! Bloody scales!! Did 10 mins on exercise bike and got on the scales again just before i had a shower and they said 194:D:confused: Don't really know what to think now really but i'm still on the straight an norrow with the diet. Got a small rhubarb pie for a treat tonight and then back to normal tomorrow. Going to try and drink as much water as i can next week too.

Chicken salad from morrisons (without the dressing and colslaw)
Bowl of strawberries
Chicken kiev with garlic:rolleyes: and salad
Rhubarb pie


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Congratulations making the decision to lose weight, Im not meaning to preach, but dont think that skipping meals especially breakfast will help you lose weight, and you'll need all the energy you can get for your gorgeous little boy. Stock up on fruit for nice healthy snacks xxx


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Good luck on your weight loss journey. Just try to eat sensibly... to little food can stall weightloss!!! Well done on all the walking!



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Day 6 - weigh in

Got up and weighed myself straight away and the scales sain 200lbs:eek::( so i got off and got back on again and they said 196lbs:eek:!! Bloody scales!!
God I hate it when the scales do that... mine can differ by 10lbs in the space of seconds!! Mind you I'd be quite happy if mine said 200lbs at the mo! x

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