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July 28th 2012

I am getting married on July 28th next year. Started my weight loss journey on Wednesday. I ordered my wedding dress Wednesday a size too small to make sure I lose weight. I can't think of a better target!! I'm following slimming world. Never done it before and it's taking a little time to get used to it, but I'll get there!

Just wanted to say hi, and it's nice to see that I'm not alone and there are others in the same situation!!
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Hi Rachel. You get married 4 days after me :) I wasnt brave enough to order my dress smaller, but mine can be taken in a couple of sizes, so thats not to bad. Im doing SW too. If you need any help, just give me a shout. Saw you posted on the SW forums too, they are so helpful and supportive. Good Luck, keep us updated of your journey x


its a long road
Hi We`re getting married on the same day!! :D:D I have a 5 stone weight loss to achieve in exactly a year eeeeek

well this time in a year think where we will both be :D
Hey fellow B2B, how are you all doing? AmyAdele and 2012bridetobe...have you got your dresses yet? Did you order your dress a size smaller Rachel? Happy Slimming x
Hey Alley .. Have found my dress but havent ordered it yet .. want to lose a bit of weight first then decide what size to order! I'm ordering it on Oct 1st so got 2 months ... Have you got yours yet? Hows planning going? x
I'm getting married in Spain-fingers crossed for no summer thunderstorm!
When are you getting your dress?
I was told that it must be ordered by Dec/Jan.


its a long road
Ive decided not to buy mine until Easter next year because thats the size ill most likely be around for the wedding! only got me and the bridesmaids to sort out (I have 5 adult ones) and with the fuss they are making over there dresses you would think its their wedding!!! lol x
I got told to order my dress by september ... but im going to order it on 8th October now .. I also have 5 adult bridesmaids and they are creating a fuss as well ... i hope i can lose a decent amount of weight in 2 months x


its a long road
Oh I only have a small-ish budget for my dress so its going to be a high street job bhs i think (as they have some really beautiful ones) so I dont think Ill need to order it months and months in advance? x
No they should have them in stock i guess or they are ready made .. where as dress shops dont have the room to stock them so they are made to order :D hows planning going? x


its a long road
Planning is going really well, church is booked, reception all booked, A man from my church who is a photographer has offered me his wedding packed reduced from £1500 down to £500 which is AMAZING

H2B is sorting out his suit and the rings :)

the cakes a gift from my god mother and car is a gift from my mum.

so I have my dress and bridesmaids and flowers to do also looking into a cheapish way of getting hair done on the day...as my budget is only £5000 but my budget that ive made up is coming in at £4000 so £1000 to put towards an awesome Italiano Honeymoon :)

So its all going really well though im sure things are going to come up and get more stressful after the invites go out!

Worst thing was the guest list I wanted a 65 guest list but the current list is already at 90.....

asking for money towards our honeymoon as wedding presents :)

hows your planning going??

when are you sending out your invites? Im not sure when Im supposed too? x
Im sending my invites out in Jan, that then gives people 7 months to get off a weekday during the summer holidays (Tues 24th July). I have been told that invites generally get sent out 3-6 months in advance.

I asked my hairdresser to do my hair for the wedding and he said it would only be £35 for me (including 3 trials) and £25 each for bridesmaids (including 1 trial each) so it may be worth asking around.

We are asking for people to put money towards our honeymoon too :) x


its a long road
Yeh the January invite sounds like a good idea :) I can make the invites over christmas that way :)

Im keeping my eye on Groupon for discounts on hair and stuff you never know what ya gonna get on there lol


its a long road
haha contrats and welcome to the 28/07/12 club :) x

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