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July Starters!~! Time to rock and roll!!

Hey :)

I don;t know who has been following my diary, but after a lot of thought, and a lot of mind changing and opinion shaking and truth dodging and crazy chatter box conversations, I am going on a new journey.

Blonde Logic Back to Basics. BLB2B. :D

Starting in July I am going back to redo foundation, development right the way thru RTM as after a very rocky year, I have lost my coping tools - and the best way is to go back and restudy.

So I am back, as a new starter - and I already feel a difference as it aproaches. I am starting to get fired up like I was the first time I did this in 2008

So I am starting a July Starter thread now, for anyone waiting in the wings! We can start getting psyched up and ready for our jumping off point! :)
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Surgically happy.
Haven't followed your diary, as dont spend much time here but good luck, bl. Hard to believe we are both starting again - but at least not from the beginning in terms of weight.

I'm in the middle of a very stressful year - got married, been through a redundancy exercise (escaped but there it's another on the horizon), as has my wife, we are moving home in a few months, planning to start a family and my dad is terminally ill.

In all that, I lost all my coping skills and have myself a pass too often.
Hi Andy

COngrats on your marraige! I am sorry to hear your dad is ill. I lost my mom last year after a really dreadful accident. That started an avalanche of troubles, I became very ill, the family was in tatters, and numerous other things happened too, a lot of loss, and I too lost my coping abilities. I understand why though. BUt now its time to pay the piper!!

We can do this Andy - this wil be a breeze compared to what we have done initially. Thats what we need to keep remembering.

I don;t know how much I have to lose. Afraid to guess, but I think between 2-4 stone. certainly 2-3. 4 depending on how far I want to go again.

Hey ho. Just another twist in our paths ay? Just means we have more to learn and perfect. :)

I am aiming to start around the 1st of July. Good luck to you!!



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good for you BL!!!! Im back too (obviously!) and am having so many crooked thoughts that I dont think there is a straight one in my head lol x
hey bl, im another returner (again sigh). i initially thought i could only do the remainder of my packs which wldv lasted 1 week i was maybe going to do exante or dukan but the counselling with ll helps me so much... after speaking to my llc this morning ive decided to return, i cant afford to do total or lite but as a maintainer ( i dont know where she gets that from lol!) she said i can come to class at no cost and buy however many packs id like....

so ive decided to do 2 packs per day, 1 protein and green veg meal and 1 snack. as a llc she couldnt advise me on doing it this way but she did tell me what to steer clear of and how to ensure im having all my nutrients. she is truly wonderful. i know this may take me longer to get to goal as i still have 20-24lbs to go but its def better than the binge/starve cycle ive been hopping on and off for months. when i get to goal were going to do the shortened 4 wk version of rtm as i wont have been on total she feels that would be best. im very optimistic today after that chat.

good luck on your total journey bl. xx
Happy Saturday peeps!

Well, now and then I am remebering little 'sound bites' of my lifestyle when I was maintaining that I have lost.

Todays is "It's OK to be hungry."

My hubby just said to me, not long after we have had our breakfast..."I'm still hungry." And I started to think what else he could have - and then it hit - me - he doesn;t HAVE to have anything. Its OK to be hungry. He will not die of starvation! lol And I realised I was really having these thoughts about myself.

It is so easy, and completely unnecessary to jump up the very moment we feel hunger, and get something to change the way we are feeling....which is really what we are doing when we are eating for any reason other then true hunger and sustinance.

I am glad to have remembered this little gem. One of my golden rules. It remind me that a little discomfort is not the end of the world, nor the most important thing either.

So yeah! COme on back to me my little golden rules I have lost!! Keep it comin!

I cant WAIT to start LL again!!! Yeah baby!~! :D :D hehe


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Hey BL!!

Sounds like you're right back in the mindset - so I have no doubt you'll succeed again :)

Hope all is well with you, and hope you're still giving all the wonderful advice and inspiration to others, just as you did to me :D

Good luck in the 1st - you'll storm it! xxx
One week countdown starts today!!!

Man, I feel like I am in prison, and next Monday I am being released!! I cannot WAIT to start....

This has been a completely out of control period - up and down like a yo yo - constant crooked thinking....I have felt like I am on a sinking ship. I have been in and out of full addictive mode - and I am ready to get off this merry go round.

So yes - come Monday - and I am free!!!! Free to focus on reeducation.

I cant wait!! I wish it was tonight.

ROLL ON SLIMDOM!!!!! I know I will start to see results immediately!! OR more importantly feel results. My knees hurt already - how I managed to carry around an excess 140 poounds before boggles the mind, if this small (in relativity) gain can make me feel like i do now!!!

Tick tock tick tock - roll on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not long hun:

"Patience is a virtue
Catch it if you can
Seldom in a woman
Never in a man!"

Oooops Andy. Sorry. I almost forgot you were here.:rolleyes:
Hi everyone. New on here but just wanted to say hello. I'm a July starter too. I'll be returning on July 13th so good luck to everyone who's already started.
Good morning fellow July starts!!! I have my first session tonight and pick up my packs. At last - my lifeline!! :D lol

How much are psople trying to lose? I was hoping it would only be a 2 or 3 for me, but I am afraid its going to be much more!! I am a bit scared about weighin in!! lol

But! I have to face the music, and learn form this that every action we take or do has a consequence!!! Must not forget that!!! Or rather - must acknowledge it next time my inside voice warns me of it!!! (Instead of sticking my fingers in my ears saying nah nah - I cant hear you! nah nah :D)

Anyway - lets get ready to get thin! :D


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