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Jumped off the wagon


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little OT to begin with

this is day 4 and ive been really good since starting on friday, but today i have noticed its TOTM, which i havnt had in over 5 years as i have the implanon implant in my arm and it has stopped everything for so long... well i went into the local Tesco Express to pick up the usual supplies for this dull time and there it was... Chocolate... could i help my self??? NO of course i couldnt, so i picked up a Cadburys Twirl, paid for it and scoffed it in two bites, now on top of TOTM pain and general shittyness, i now feel massivly guilty that i ate the choccy after doing well for 4 days :(

Fell really bad now :(

Katy x
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Don't beat yourself up about it. You've eaten it now, so draw a line under it and forget about it.

The worst thing is too feel guilty, that could lead to more damage.

You're only human, see it as a small blip and get back on the plan, I'm sure you'll still have a good loss on weigh in :)
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Yeah Katy don't see it as an end to the diet. It's a small blip. Not one to make a habit of as I'm sure you know, but everyone has them. I've lost quite a lot of weight and had plenty of blips.
The difference is not thinking 'oh sh*t, ruined it now, might as well have this or that' and you haven't done that. So well done!
You'll soon be back on track.

Big H

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Just make sure that it is only the Twirl you eat, Don't take the 'Oh I've blown it now, so what difference does it make if I just binge now" attitude, becaUse you haven't blown it, you've just had a stumble and you can get back on SS straight away without having done much harm

Good luck x


Enjoyin' my journey....
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Hiya, as before just get straight back on it and it won't matter. I have had many 'blips' but as long as you just get straight back onto SS it's fine. I hasn't really affected my losses too much.

Onwards and upwards! x


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The more you think about it the worse you feel.
Maybe it's just me, but if I bash myself for something and feel really bad I just end up screwing myself over even more.

Try not to think about it and just keep going! You can do it! ^^


Back On Track!
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Hope that you have now put your little blip well and truly behind you.
Good Luck with the rest of week 1, let us know how you get on at first weigh-in. x


Needs to stop eating!!
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It could have been worse, now get back on that wagon...make a little promise to yourself to atleast stay on the wagon until WI in 3 days time...step by step you will get there, Good luck x


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S: 26st0lb C: 26st0lb G: 13st8lb BMI: 50.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Nah, well and truly jumped off it head first, i was feeling really dizzy and faint at work tonight, and all i could think about was food, i demolishe a chicken tikka and salad butty 2 packets of crisp and another chocolate bar!!! and i was on the loo for about 20 mins, just ran straight through me, i dank 2 litres of water and now my big blip is over and done with.

i e mailed my CDC explained and told her im back on the wagon as of today, i have still seen some amasing loss (13lb since friday) and i am still 4 days away from my official WI so i can work on the fact i need to excercise of teh rubbish i ate tonight!!

Thank you all for the encouragement!!!

K x


Serial Dieter!
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If you eat everytime you feel a bit dizzy, you will NEVER get into ketosis....

next time if you feel a bit dizzy drink more water... if it's happening a lot then split your packs and have a 1/2 a pack 6 or 8 times a day. This will help combat that lightheaded feeling.

Remember your period is not a period but a 'bleed' you have not ovulated and you don't have the hormone surge that is associated with cravings. Hunger (and this is real hunger) is very difficult to resist, your body is very clever and will do whatever it can to make you eat. (it's part of the reason why the human race is so successful and hasn't been starved into extinction!) Remember you are an intelligent being and your brain is stronger than any impulse that your body is throwing at you to make you eat.... Soon it will give up and comply with whatever your brain tells it to do!

Hang in there K!

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