*jumps back on the bandwagon*......


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....I fell off it around about July last year and have put on a stone and a half :( I am so disappointed with myself after all the hard work I did the first time round - I went from 200lb to 157lb! I was soooooooo pleased with myself! But a change of job, a new boyfriend and my new found contentment meant I wasn't doing enough to consciously keep my weight down. The change of job made a big difference as I have to drive to this job, whereas before it was an hour's walk everyday. And well, as for the boyfriend, along with that came take-aways, cinema snacks, meals out, etc, etc!

So before I end up back at 200lb (currently 179lb- grrrrr), i have decided firstly to use this forum more to keep up my willpower as be inspired by how well you are all doing!! and secondly to stick to my new excersise routine whilst eating a fairly sensible diet with room for a little treat at the weekend!

I want to lose 25lb in 13 weeks, to make my goal date Weds 20th April - that works out about 2lb per week. Think this is do-able??

Thanks guys for listening to my rambling
Claire x
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hi honey. 2 lb per weeks is definately do able hon. xxx


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Hi Claire

Good luck hun, you know it works, so go for it :)

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Welcome to Atkins. x


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your photo is amazing wow you have done so well!


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Good luck. I also started again on Tuesday :)


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Hi Claire and welcome love. Yes 2lb a week is doable, but you will have the odd stall along the way.