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Jupiter's No More Dieting Diary!


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Here we go then!

Having tried a number of diets I now feel that I have pretty much proved to myself that they don't work. I think this is mainly because they all feel in different ways that you are simply denying yourself something.
Healthy eating is different as it is simply about choices. I can choose what I eat and it is my intention to wherever possible make them healthy choices. Also, this path doesn't have to come to an end like most diet plans do so I won't be constantly wishing the time away!

I started this on Monday and so far so good! Only issue has been I've had to take a three day course of steroids for asthma - and if there is anything that is going to keep you wide awake all night and hungry then that will do it!
So to prepare for that I made sure I had lots of chopped up fruit in the fridge for snack attacks and found a whole lot of jobs I could do around the house for those long nights spent wide awake. My kitchen and bathroom cupboards have had the best clean out of their lives! :D

Have enjoyed all my food today.....

Breakfast - very nutty muesli skimmed milk and a banana
Lunch - Chicken and egg (which came first?) salad
Dinner - Sweet chilli salmon brown rice and veg

Was all lovely and healthy yet at each meal I thought about how it would have fitted in with any previous diet plans and I came to the conclusion they are too restrictive and not necessarily very healthy at all!

Hope everyone is having a good day - it's really nice to see this board getting a little busier and with so many nice people!
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Your dinner sounds delish - I may steal that idea for one of mine this week hehe.


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Well good morning world! Lovely sunny day here and I'm feeling a lot better now I'm off my horrid steroids!

The healthy eating is going well but today I'm thinking about other things I need to address...

Definitely need to drink more water! I can go hours and don't even think about it. Perhaps I was a camel in previous life....
So an effort there is in order.
Also exercise! I have no excuse as I have a dog and he deserves more walking for sure!
Today I have a nice 3 mile walk planned that will take me along a river in a loop from my house and back again! I know once I get going I'll enjoy it.....

Breakfast this morning was a two scrambled eggs with mushrooms and a little cheese.

Have a nice day everyone!


Looking for Slimville!
S: 14st4lb C: 9st12lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 24.4 Loss: 4st6lb(31%)
Have a nice walk with your doggy :).

I'm gonna give the chilli salmon a bash for tomorrow night's dinner, woo!


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Had a lovely walk with the dog today. Glorious sunshine - makes you feel so much more positive doesn't it?

Lunch today was some sesame ryvita with low fat cream cheese, ham and beetroot. Got quite excited about the beetroot as my last diet was low carb and it was off limits! Hard to believe that it was ok to eat butter in vast quantities but not beetroot!

Dinner is in the slow cooker and smelling lovely - chicken, sweet potato and spinach curry. Think I'll have it with some green beans and just a small portion of rice. ;)


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Well I have achieved my increased water intake...... unfortunately its by drinking lots of vodka with soda water! :D
Oh well, could be worse, it's low cal and low carb :)


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I'm loving this sunny weather we are having and feeling pleased with myself for sticking to the healthy eating ;)

Had some friends round last night for drinks - I had some white wine but mixed it with lots of ice and soda which was really nice and meant I didn't over indulge! Normally I'm a red wine girl and I wondered if I would miss it, but I really didn't. They were all tucking into crisps and various nibbles which I found easy to resist. I think for me it's the psychology of being on a diet that makes me fail! With this healthy eating I feel like everything is down to my free choice and so, thus far anyway, I'm making the right choices!

Have a lovely day in the sun everyone!



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S: 14st4lb C: 9st12lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 24.4 Loss: 4st6lb(31%)
Hey Jupiter, hope you're back on track after your naughty (but tasty!) wee slip :) x
Hello Everyone

Yes, thank you Erin, I didn't let the fish and chip incident impact on any other choices I made after that. Had I been on a 'diet' then I would have probably said F##k it and done a lot more damage. Because it's healthy eating, I just took it as something I'd chosen to have and moved on from there.

So....first week results. I've not lost nor have I gained! I'm actually quite happy with that for now. It's my TOTM which normally causes a few pounds to go on plus earlier in the week I had to take a course of steroids so all things considered I would like to declare this week to be a success and here's to a loss in the coming week!! :fingerscrossed:

Breakfast - poached eggs and bacon
Lunch - butternut and chilli soup with some ryvita and smoked salmon
Dinner - can't decide what to have. Mr Jupiter at work so it's dinner for one


Looking for Slimville!
S: 14st4lb C: 9st12lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 24.4 Loss: 4st6lb(31%)
Woo! STS is better than a gain so well done! You're bound to lose some this next week now your body has settled into the new healthier eating etc :)
Morning all

Just come back from a lovely long walk with the dog. There is a route from my house along a river to a huge village pond that we walk round and back again. The dog loves a dip in the pond and we meet lots of other dogs and walkers on the way. I really should do it more often!

Breakfast - 2 rashers of bacon and a poached egg
Lunch - Chicken and salad
Dinner - Maybe some fish and steamed veg

I'm working a 15 hour night shift tonight so must make sure I go prepared with some healthy snacks - we have a fridge at work that is stacked full of chocolate that we can buy so it's imperative that I go prepared!! :D

Had a sneaky peak on the scales this morning and we appear to be a pound and a half down so hopefully last week is starting to catch up ;)

Have a good day everyone!


Looking for Slimville!
S: 14st4lb C: 9st12lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 24.4 Loss: 4st6lb(31%)
Hope the 15 hour night shift wasn't too bad for you!
Good news about the weight beginning to shift :)
Good morning Healthy Eaters!

I've been walkabout for a couple of weeks where I completely lost the plot with my healthy eating. I could make excuses such as my birthday, the royal wedding, a weekend away blah blah blah....
If I've gained nothing else from the last two weeks (apart from some extra pounds!!) it's the knowledge that all that rubbish I've eaten and drunk has made me feel no better than I did before, in fact it's done the opposite!

So here we go.....I'm exactly 10 stone now which at 5' 2" and a small frame does not look good! My ideal is to get to 8 stone 12 but if I can get to 9 I'll be more than happy.

I toyed with the idea of going back to Slimming World but have had a word with myself and decided the healthy eating route is still the only way to go!
So......day one! Bring it on!


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Good day so far I think!
Breakfast 1 - high fibre meusli and 1% milk
Breakfast 2 - poached eggs smoked salmon and one slice wholemeal toast
Dinner- ham egg and chips all done in frylight
Snacks - cup lentil and sweet potato soup
Strawberries and grapes
One glass red wine

I worked a 15 hour night shift last night which is how I end up having 2 breakfasts and no lunch!
Brisk 3 miles with the pooch.
And now I'm just about ready for an early night z z z z z


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well done on getting back on track. you will get there.

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