just a quick hello to all new LL'ers


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Hi to all the new lighter lifers out there!

Seems to be a few new joiners over the last few weeks on this mad diet!!!:)

I've been on LL for 5 weeks now and there have been times when i've been fed up. felt deprived and couldn't face yet another glass of water!!!!:p

But...and it's a big one (but hopefully not for long!!!!!), if you hang in there the weightloss will spur you on.

My group is really easy to get on with and we get wrong for been too chatty :eek: what do they expect with 12 females in a room together! We give each other support and :eek: have a general moan about how we are feeling and it does help so talk to your group - having said that though you will only ever have to talk in the counselling sessions if you want to so no pressure..

Any questions or queries then just shout up no matter how silly it seems as there are loads of people on here who have much more experience than little old me!!!

Here's wishing you all the best, but don't worry the hardest part for me was walking through the counsellors door.

I'm not a LL but a CD'er but wanted to say Hi and welcome to Mini Mins! I hope you will be as happy here as I am!

Great thread :D

LL has done so much for me. I've lost my weight and ironed out the wrinkles in my personality a bit too.

We have a friendly bunch of CD'ers and LL'ers on Minimins who are ready and willing to help you out and spur you new LL'ers on.

Don't be afraid to ask anything you need to because you'll soon get answers based on a wealth of experience from those that have or are doing it :)