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just a quick update about wk 3....

Hi everyone,

After a great first week on WW, i was looking forward to weigh in then disaster struck and my pcos decided to have an episode! i swelled up, was really sore and in a fair amount of pain so it was decided that i would not be weighed as it was highly likely it would be up, so id be disappointed.

now im half way through week 2, going really great, everything has settled down and iv stuck to my points 100% and iv managed to get in a swim, some long walks and 1 hr on my rowing machine, so im really looking forward to my weigh in on saturday!!!! :)

How is your week going? Great i hope! x
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aww im really sorry to hear that hun and glad your feeling 100% again....just think that this weigh in will most probably be even better now.

I had my second weigh in yesterday and lost another 3lbs so im ecstatic and its a great incentive to keep me going on the straight and narrow in this , my third week :)

i think they key for me has been exercise last week, it really does make that difference.

Whilst i cant empathise with the pcos i had totm last week so probably experienced only a minor fraction of how u felt.

Hiya oh Im sorry I have pcod and used to have so much pain pre babies so know how your feeling but siper well done to you for sticking at it hope you have a fab weigh in you certainly deserve it :)

Well done Chantelle great loss :) xx


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Hi, I know what you mean about the PCOS, I was diagnosed in 2002 and told that I wont have kids etc etc and I need lose weight blah blah.

I was 28st in 2005 down to depression, and started ww on n off but managed to lose 6st in 3 yrs and then I had to have an emerg op as had a 20cm cyst on right ovary floated up into tummy and took right tube with it, but now I have been told there is no sign of PCOS, but my TOTM is really bad, flow is bad and pains and swelling is soo much worse and now I munch for england and never used to.

But since 2nd June I have managed to lose 25.5lbs now, and 2 of those were this week on TOTM.

Keep at it, I was all swollen and bad this week too and trust me WW is the way if you stick to it, it works.

Im 8st 9.5lbs down now and it really does help you lose more as soon as u get past that first month

Aw thank u sooooo much for your lovely, kind, supporting words!!! they mean so much and definately apreciated, so thank u!!! i am definately gonna stick to it 100%, been really good today with my points tho i did have a naughty treat, but still pointed it. iv walked 2 hours taking my little one to and from nursery and im off to swim tonight so all good.

every one is doing so well, its a great incentive for me!! and i cant wait for weigh in on saturday :) xxx
Hi everyone,

I hope your all having a great day!!!

I did go swimming last night, it was so busy tho so I didnt do as many lengths as id have liked, i did 24 or 26 (i lost count!), which was 30 min of steady swimming, but distance was prob more by time id swam round ppl lol.

today i had a nice walk to the park with my baby then iv spent the day doing gardening and cutting grass but first i had to rake the stones from the grass, which was a real hard work out!!!!

food wise, iv stuck to my points 100% and seem to be making good food choices and making my points last. .....im on 25 pts

B= 3 x wheatabix and 1 pint skimmed milk allowence for day = 5pts
L= picnic at park consisting of 2 x kingsmill bread - 4pts, 1 tsp low fat spread - 1/2pt, waffer chicken - 1/2pt, 1 tsp low fat mayo - 1/2pt, made into a sandwhich with 0 pt salad. follwed by a WW cake - 1 1/2 pt, 1 x apple and 2 x satsuma - 1pt and a packet of french fry crisp - 1 1/2 pt...total points = 9 1/2 pts

T = 1/4 tesco low fat quiche - 3 1/2 pts, portion of oven chips - 3 pts, 0 pt salad and 2 tsp low fat mayo - 1 pt. WW ice cream for desert at 1 1/2 pt..total = 8 1/2 pts

leaving me 2 points to use for a low fat hot chocolate at 1pt and 1pt for fruit as a snack.

My first weigh in tmrw.....well should be my second but didnt get weighed last week due to my pcos......so excited to see what iv lost in those 2 weeks as i really have worked hard!!!! but i have really enjoyed it all to and looking forward to adding a aqua aerobic class and zumba class....might even try and squeeze in a salsa class too as all are covered by my gym membership!! whoop whoop!

aww you've done so well to wait 2 weeks for a weigh in and still keep on track! i get so excited about weigh in too! i literally wish my week away until Tuesday evenings (my weigh day)...im sure the exercise that u are doing will have given your loss a boost....im big into exercise because i dont want to lose all of this weight and be left with lots of stretched sagging skin! im hoping what with the exercise this will be minimised!

glad you ahev had a good week,,,,i have too! though weekends tend to be slightly harder for me as i feel hungrier (even though im doing less lol) have a gym session tomorrow thought o keep my mind off of it

aw thank u chantelle! yes it has been hard to not be weighed last week, but as i know iv been very good im not worried as iv done my best, tho it is totm now and i can put on 6lb, however it does go by the following week so id not be at all surprised if tmrws weigh in shows a small loss, sts or even a small gain! this would purely be due to totm and will show as a huge loss for me next week! so i may not get a true weigh in until next week lol.....talk about keep me in suspense lol.

im becoming a bit of an exercise fan too! iv really started to look for ways to make a difference and i think its paying off, i certainly do feel a little smaller, less bloated.

and like u, wknds are hard. my partner always says about how mon to fri im really good but come fri evening and saturday it all goes out window, however this time...i have been good 7 days a week and im really proud that iv stuck to it, in fact i think id go as far as to say im enjoying it!! i think having my meeting on a saturday is really helping with it as its in middle of the wknd, maybe if u struggle at wknds it might help u to have a saturday meeting???

what ever my weigh in reveals tmrw, im looking forward to meeting :)

uv done really well!!!! i hope my first few weeks are as successful!!! i see u r from hertfordshire, i used to live in hatfield!!

il post my weigh in results as soon as i get back tmrw!!!!

have a great wknd...xx
sorry for long posts... i think i get carried away!!! x
yay.. i lost 2 1/2 pounds!!!! and its TOTM so im well pleased i made a loss!!! xxxx
well done hun thats fab!!!! :)

..im hoping for 2lbs on tuesday,,,then im only 2lbs away from one stone loss

I used to work in Hatfield , I live in Stevenage :)

thanks to u both for your lovely supporting words!!! i am really pleased with my lose and glad to see the exercise is paying off.

chantelle....2lbs is a good goal...im guessing ul be looking for another 2lbs the following week, keep up your good work and im sure ul have that stone award b4 u know it! im hoping to get my first silver 7 pretty soon too, funny how these little things make such a difference dont u think lol xxx
i know its hilarious its like were back at school and wanting smiley work stickers :) lol yep defo looking for that 2lbs the week after, need to focus on the little goals, stone by stone otherwise 7 stone feels sooooo far away!!!!

hmmm were having a bbq tonight ,,,,,im trying 5% fat sausages so we'll see how that goes lol!
any nice plans this weekend?xx


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well done on your loss hun!!
thank u!! week 3 weigh in is almost here and i cant wait to see what it is tmrw!!! iv never got excited about weigh day in the past lol

i hope every one is having a great week too!!!

gosh that week went quick lol must be my age time slips away quick ?lol
Have you weighed at home ? I hope your weigh in is fantastic hun :)
Thanks for your support this week means alot xx
aw u r very welcome, i know how much good support means, it makes so much difference!

this week has flown by, i cant believe its weigh day again already! iv been 100% again all week, iv been swimming and walking lots so hopefully that will reflect in my weigh in. i did have a little peek on my scales and it was going down so fingers crossed!!

il add my weigh in tmrw when i get home and hope for a good loss. hope u have a fab wknd too xx
I am really pleased....i lost 3.5lb this week!!!! looking forward to my 3rd week and going to work even harder! xx

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