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Just a wondering....


...I have never tried Slim Fast before but wondered what kind of food you have per day...is it still one milkshake morning and lunch and then a dinner in the evening? If so, do you find that a drink is enough? Just curious really....not sure if I would use it or not but interested to hear people's experiences who use it and any success stories?

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Its either 2 shakes or meal bars, 3 100 cal snacks plus a 600 cal meal. But these values can change to suit. For instance i have 150 cal snacks and 800 cal meal. This helps as i have a lot to lose and can be adjusted as goal gets nearer.

The shakes are quite filling too as they are made with milk rather than water. HTH :)


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I do not fund the skakes filling at all! So I drunk tons if water. I get really hungry from 2-5 pm!!!! But I have two shakes, 2 90 calorie k bars and a 500 calorie dinner. Its working but fir faster results burn 509 calories and that is your dinner

lunar jim

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Trick I learned on CD was to try and get as much air as possible into the shakes, I had a strawberry one this morning and it nearly filled a pint glass. Makes them really fluffy and helps me feel more full than a 'flat' shake. Might be in my head lol

lunar jim

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I put the 250mls into a big, big jug and blend with a hand blender. But I once it has mixed after a second or two I angle the hand blender so that it sort of folds the shake over and over, you can see it getting foamier as it does it.

Lol thats why I use a huge jug, the potential for covering yourself and the kitchen with shake is there :p

Edit: some people doing CD use a milk frother? Not tried it myself though


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mine froths up loveley in the blender, but i let it blend with ice in ot for about 2-3 mins and i always end up with over a pint of shake!


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i use ready make shake for brekkie then i make one for lunch normally mixing flavours adding ice and blending the life out of it so its fluffy and totally fills a pint glass, ive also been having jelly after it to fill up on then i have a normal evening meal mostly the same as the rest of the family but smaller portions and i drink bovril if i feel hungry as the taste normally takes the hunger away, using jellys means i can have more snacks if i feel really hungry as there so low in calories