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Just back from Dentist!

Hi All, finally got to see dentist a few mins ago, not my normal one, but the same practice. Well, I have an infection which I got antibiotics for,called Flagyl, Tracy, maybe you have heard of them. I did not say I was on Lipo, really because She is not my normal dentist, but she said it can be caused by stress or changes to your diet etc, stopping or starting smoking, so really it has to be the Lipotrim. God do you think that the antibiotics will knock me out of Ketosis, I've already taken one!!!
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weighs a lot less
it depends hun are they capsules ,ive had antibiotics and my chemist told me to take them out the capsule,maybe you could ring yours and ask ,im glad its finally sorted hopefully the pain will stop soon xxx


too hot to handle!!
thats good news,,nothin worse than pain,,especially in you rmouth
Just rang the pharmacist, he said its fine, no problem at all!! Thank God. Although I have to say, I'm not happy at all that this has happened, god knows whats going on on the inside of our bodies with this diet, never mind what we can actually see!!!


weighs a lot less
im trying not to think about the inside on just looking at the great things that are happining on the outside xx
Oh I know Lilie, its a real conundrum!!! I'd just hate to cause any permanent damage!!


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my partner was at the doc for a medical for work last week and he mentioned i was doing lipo, apparantly the doctor went loopy loo and did not have a good word at all to say about lipotrim!

ach what does he know!!! lol!

Good news sort of, as your mind is now at rest. Trace should be on soon, she'll let you know, alternativley call LT up they are really helpfull xx
Yeah hun ive heard of them we prescribed them a lot..they are really good, is it a gum or tooth infection??, we used metrininidazole which is the same thing! I really dont know hun about taking then and ketosis, its not something i have ever come accross work wise. I would LT or pharmicist hun but then you dont have much choice but to take them anyway so just stick at it! I would keep at the salt water too hun xxx
Cheers Garry and Trac, yes its a gum infection. Apparently my gums have receeded back and thats whats causing the pain. I just have to take them, the pharmacist says it will be ok though, so I will just battle on I suppose.
Aww hope its better soon hun x
Me too:( Thanks again xxx. PS Garry you look so young in your new pic, is that a side effect of LT!!!
Looks miserable though! x
Yea just like Garry only younger!!!!
Lol xx

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