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Just back from my holiday and lost lost 3lbs!

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Hi All,

I am dead tired, but had to let you know that I just got back from Holiday after a 24 hour delay!!! .....and only just in time for my weigh in and I lost 3lbs !!!!:party0023:
Wow ! Really happy with that I can tell you, phew!!!!

I managed to stick to 4 packs every other day and dropped a pack in the evening on the other days and had a very small portion (nicked off my hubbys plate!) of white fish or chicken with plain shredded lettuce on the other days( Sorry but ... delicious cant even begin to describe how it tasted!:D ).
Was really worried untill I could check the ketosis stick the next day but I stayed in the pink all holiday!
We had our plane grounded on the return journey and had to be transported to an hotel for 24 hours untill the plane could be fixed, and boy was I glad I'd got those 3 packs left over from the days I ate in the evening! IF I HAD STUCK TO THE PROGRAMME 100% I WOULD HAVE HAD NO FOOD PACKS LEFT FOR THE LAST 24 HOURS AS I ONLY TOOK ENOUGH FOR THE TIME I WAS MEANT TO BE AWAY! :eek:
I would definatly been tempted to eat as the food was a buffet and free courtesey of First Choice Airways, it was so tempting!
But it all worked out very well, and the LL shaker and my little Ikea 99p battery whisk, really saved the holiday, they went everywhere and I even shaked on the beach!

Had a fab time and still lost weight, so it can be done with a bit of forward planning, and I am so glad I did stick to it, it was so worth it tonight at WI.

It really is true, nothing tastes as good as feeling slimmer feels!:)

Love Carole
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Hi Carole,

WOW!!! well done to lose 3lbs. on your holiday:party0016: :party0011:Your a superwoman :superwoman:

No wonder your on a high.

Love Mini xxx


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That's a great loss - well done ... glad you had a lovely holiday and that you finally got home ;)




I guess this just shows what can be done with a bit of foreward planning & determination.
Also that holidays don't ave to be blow outs..

please remember to give yourself a treat for this ...unless you feel that the 3lb loss is reward enough.
Good for you Carole - sounds like you did the best thing for you and I'm so pleased you enjoyed the holiday. It would be hard not to in Greece! It just shows that holidays don't have to be as difficult as we think they might be and we can still have a wonderful time without loads of food. Congratulations on a successful trip!:)


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I'm going to amsterdam at may bank holiday for three days and a quite nervous, my fiance has got me a blender to have in the room so I can mix 2 shakes in the morning as my breakfast and then at lunch I'll just have water and tea if we go to eat somewhere and then in the evening I might have to have a meal but will have plain salad leaves and grilled fish or chicken and then a hot chocolate before bed! I'm quite gutted about the fact I won't be abstaining for 100 days but I want to prove to myself that I'm in control and will plan for it.

WOW that is excellent!!!

I am going with First Choice to the Dom. Republic in less than 2 weeks! I don't have much more to lose, and people already say I look too skinny - so I'm not going to be taking packs, but try to stick to management as well as possible whilst being away! :)

This thread shows you CAN do it, thanks :)

I will sure report here when I get back with what happens - weight loss/gain on my return! :) watch this space ...

I plan on swimming everyday, i love it :) can't wait now though, especially after reading your post!!

Cherry Plum

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Wow Carole, that is amazing, well done for being so good on holiday.
Sounds like you had a wonderful time.
Well done Carole!
You must be so proud of yourself and so determined. It must feel great to have had such a wonderful time and still have lost weight.


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So pleased for you Carole. You have proved that it can be done. No wonder you feel so chuffed!


Good luck at the Dom! Looking at your tracker, you've done fantastically well. What a different holiday you will have this year, compared to other years. I can't wait to hear how you get on!


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You must have been so chuffed when you realised that your careful meals saved the day!

Good work - you must be very proud of yourself!


has started again!!
What great news and huge congrats to you!

I am off on a mini camping trip for half term, so am taking all my packs and gallons and gallons of water too !! (Cant drink campsite tap water - bit too fussy!!) I think I will be ok for that one, but the two weeks in Spain in August , is a totally different matter!

I have no idea where I will be then, but I hope to do a mini-maintentance, maybe 3 packs and one meal a day. You have shown me it def CAN be done!!

G: 12st0lb
Thanks for all your support everyone, glad it helped with those of you with hols coming up, I gues this will be a recurring theme for a lot of people over the next few months. All I can say is if I can do it then anyone can as long as you plan ahead.

HELEN , Not really sure about having two packs at breakfast then trying to go without untill you have your sensible meal in the evening, I would have been too uncontroled by then if I had done that, you know really ravenous and been tempted to eat more.
I know its hard but i would try to evenly spread the three packs thoughout the day. What worked for me was having my soup just before I went out to dinner so that I could just have a very little and not want or need more. I found I was eating to taste and feel like 'I was joining in', rather than to satisfy and felt full very quickly because by this time I had already had three packs and wasnt hungy. I skiped the fourth pack that I usually have later in the evening and had a coffee or a tea instead.
If you have a Lighter life shaker , as long as you can get hold of some ice and a bottle of cold mineral water which is available most places you can create a shake almost anywhere which I did for my lunch on the beach by packing the shaker full of ice in the morning and by lunch time it had melted about half the ice, the rest helps it mix when you add the powder. Just a thought, but most cafes and restaurants are more than happy to give you a jug of hot water and an empty soup bowl if your partner is buying food, then with your battery whisk you can make your soup in the shaker then pour into the bowl and join OH in his meal. Or be really brave and just ask them to make it! I didnt untill the very last day and the very snooty waiter coundnt do enough for me and was really sweet after that , (I think he had thought we were just tight wads before that, sharing a dinner!) Most people do want to help I have found it just us that dosent like to ask.
Good luck whatever ou decide to do and have a brill trip.

Love carole


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Don't Know How You Did It But Good On Yer Honey
I Just Salivated Over Spag Bol That I Made For My Family(admittedly The First Thing That I Have Actually Made For 2 Weeks Coz My Husband Is A Diamond) And That Was Hard Enough Not Putting A Spoon In And Having A Little Try
You Have Such Strength
All Power To You Babe

Angie H

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Well done.

I went on holiday last week. I had my shake in the morning, then just meat or fish for lunch and tea (small portions with a small handful of salad). Took my Ketostix with me and checked and luckily stayed in ketosis!!

Got back last night ansd weighed myself today and have lost 4 pounds, so I am well pleased!!

Have got back on the shakes today and looking forward to weigh in on Monday.

PS - the meat and fish were wonderful - believe it or not !

I still enjoyed my holiday and felt like I had had a treat and didn't get the usual holiday 'bloated feeling'....


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Oooh well done to you Carole and angie, and anyone else who's stayed in control over their hols....

What an inspiration you all are, great stuff :D

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