Just been put on antibiotics


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Last tues i was mowing the lawn out the front and a swarm of flies starting biting my legs and i could actually feel them!

so after a lot of bite marks they became itchy so i left them to fri but by then the blood has come to the skin making it look like a big bruise round each one.
they were very red and swollen too!

i went to my local walk in center for the nurses at the hospital and was told to keep elevated, cold compress and take antihistamine tablets

last night i didnt feel as tho they were getting any better and actually thought they were getting worse as now there are rashes and they are still itching like crazy so i went out and brought some cream for insect bites

today they were a nightmare so i went back to the walk in center as another nurse looked at both my legs and had to get a second opinion as she thought it was too serious for them to deal with
second nurse came in and said they were probably horse flies and i have an infection from scratching so much and the cream may not have helped so they have now prescribed me with antibiotics and drawn round the infection with a pen to see if it rises and if it does i have to go to the doctors as they have prescribed me with the strongest antibiotics there are

i told them about the diet and the ones they have given me said i can take them on an empty stomach

:( feeling a bit sorry for myself
As someone else that is very attractive all things that bite, I really feel for you :(

Shouldn't take too long for them to heal if the injection works and you can stop scratching ;)
Hope they heal up soon hun xxx
OOh you poor honey!!!!

I do hope that it clears up soon for you! You must be feeling very uncomfortable!

I've been on SS whilst taking antibiotics and it was fine - just made me feel a little dizzy if I stood up too quickly.

Take care, hun!
ouch ouch ouch! :( Hope the bites get better soon. xx