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Attack Just been shopping, starting tomorrow :D

Hey everyone :)
I've never done Dukan before, I've done Atkins, cabbage soup, and the grapefruit stone in a week diet, I usually stick to low carb as my diet though but feel I need a new something stricter. Been advised about Dukan and after reading up on it feel I will be able to do this! Been and bought lots of chicken and other meats and fat free Greek yogurt today, also got the oat bran from tesco.
Looking forward to doing this, at my heaviest right now after spiralling out of control (binge eating) for an awful 5 weeks, longest Ive ever been out of control. But I've got my mind ready now to sort myself out and I'm hoping to see quick and motivating results with the attack phase!
Going to weigh and measure tomorrow morning and hopefully see some good results by next week :)
Hope your all doing well and are able to enjoy the weekend sticking to the plan x
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Debra good luck xxx sound like your ready to crack this xxx your heads in the right place and this forum is invaluable for advice and support xxx
Polis your in the right place xxx
Debra good luck xxx sound like your ready to crack this xxx your heads in the right place and this forum is invaluable for advice and support xxx
Yep it sure is! I've been low carbing since Tuesday, really struggled with the cravings but they have died down now, although I have allowed myself a piece of peanut butter on toast, 1 roast potato with my chicken n veg dinner, and a big bowl of fruit and yogurt for dessert (my last treats) thought allowing myself them today was better than going and eating chocolate and cakes as a 'last treat'. Looking forward to being strict and disciplined from tomorrow onwards! Here's to tomorrow :))) x
Heyy good luck. I am starting tomorrow also for the firs time . I think that we will be in touch for some advice.
see ya :)
Ooh brilliant I was hoping someone would be starting tomorrow as well! Can keep each other motivated and give advice :) I'm going to have 1 boiled egg for my breakfast tomorrow along with 100g of fat free natural yogurt with the 1.5tsp of oat bran mixed in. I've got chicken breast, tuna, haddock and prawns that I can choose from to eat throughout the day, decided not to plan lunch and dinner for first few attack days just gonna keep eating meat each time I'm hungry (which is alot haha) and hope that after a few days my appetite will reduce along with my weight :D x
I'be just boiled my egg to leave for tomorrow morning as I know I can never be bothered in the morning and it's something that leads to me ending up eating something else. Looking forward to hopefully feeling better in myself this time next week! Not been this heavy since I have birth and it's made me really down not feeling like me, so hoping this week is going to to how I want and need it too :) good luck to us both x
Hellooo :) 2nd day has gone well, eat LOADS yesterday on first day, was worried I wouldn't loose but I was 2lb down this morning :D today ive eaten quite a lot, but not as much as yesterday, not been as hungry as yesterday. Feeling positive :) How are you finding it??
Gosh I wish I didn't feel hungry! Im always hungry, well its probably all in my mind, but it tricks me into really believing I am hungry! Im going to stay on attack for 7 days, or until I feel I am in ketosis. How long are you doing?
On attack phase I will be 3 days (today is the last) :D I wanted till Monday but it's too much for me, because I want to skinny 10 pounds and I do not need so many days to be on this phase.
When I moved to the second stage, Do I start immediately with protein + vegetables ??

For today (3 day)
1. Nescafe with milk and water
Breakfast : oat bran with yogurt and 2 eggs
Lunch :I don't know yet :) but i think that will be steak (chicken meat) i will write to you later all my manu :)

What about you ?? how do you feel today ?

How much have you lost upto now? I have lost 3lb since Monday. Now weighing 11st5lb, cannot wait to see 10 again!! How much is it you want to loose, 10lb? Not much you will do that in no time :)
This morning I had a Dukan galette, with some extra fat free Greek yoghurt on top and a cup of coffee. Just had half a chicken breast with some cottage cheese on my break and another coffee, drinking water inbetween too.
Yep when you go onto cruise you start eating vegetables with your protein, I miss my veggies but I'm enjoying pure protein so I will carry on :)
Been using a vibro plate to help tone me up its good!
Hello Hello
How are you ??

I do not know yet how I have lost these 3 days while I was in the first phase. Afternoons I will be measure and will write.
I hope there will be some changes because I feel a little in size that I have weakened.
For today I still have not decided what to eat, but I'm sure there will be a lot of salad at every meal :)
And another thing, if allowed at this stage to eat Caesar salad, because there sauce in it?
Have a great day
Hello I'm doing good thanks :) how are you finding it are you enjoying it? I don't think ceaser sauce is allowed as it has sugar in it, have a look at recipes you might be able to make your own Dukan ceaser sauce maybe x

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