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just been to the nurse...

At the family planning clinic. She made me feel so awful :(

She said 'here's your moment of truth' when it came to weighing me, and the scales wouldn't read me. Then she got the other pair of scales and weighed me. 'Oh you've put on a lot of weight, that's 3 stone'. What happened? I explained I went on the Cambridge diet and everything I ate afterwards made me put on weight.

I only went there for the pill! She said that the pill isn't as effective due to my weight I should get the coil, it causes pain and irregular periods (which I don't like). I don't want the coil!!!!

She then suggested I get counselling to deal with my emotional problems over food and recommended and eating disorder company. The conversation then led onto tonight's dinner and she asked me if i like to cook, to which i replied yes. Then she said, 'awww that makes it worse when dealing with food. I can't empathise as I've never been overweight but I can sympathise and know it's hard to deal with'.

I felt like I had some tragic disease that was all wrong and messing up everything. My self esteem has just plummeted and when I got out, I burst into tears. I never want to go back there again:cry:

People seem to think we want to be overweight and treat us like we have some sort of disease. Yes I love it when my thighs rub together and bleed and i love having rolls of fat and having a bad back. I don't want sympathy I want support! I'm doing something about it, why can't health professionals just encourage me and let me be happy losing weight?!

Rant over. Sorry guys but I feel so horrible about it :(

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As you say you're doing something about it - so don't feel bad. Some people are genuinely just ignorant to it, and as she said shes never been 'that overweight herself' so she truly has no idea how we feel. You should be getting praise, you've lost almost a stone and as we all on here know its not easy. Did you cry while you were with her or wait until you got home? Just wondered what she did if she saw you cry! In regards to the pill, did she tell you that you could just take 2 a day instead of 1? Ive heard someone did this once as they were overweight. Im not suggesting you do it as Im not doctor, but it could be an alternative to the coil xxx
yeah I take two now. You have to be 11 stone or over to have to take 2, a bit ridiculous as a LOT of women are over 11 stone. I didn't cry in front of her, I just wanted it to be over.
So was she saying that taking two isn't as effective as you are overweight? I only ask cos I know lots of people over 11 stone who dont take two! I only ever took one and I was about 14 stone at the time! xxx


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i think thats a disgusting way to talk to you. she is ment to be there to help you not lecture you. and suggesting you have an eating disorder is horrible.

Then she said, 'awww that makes it worse when dealing with food. I can't empathise as I've never been overweight but I can sympathise and know it's hard to deal with'.
that sounds so patronising :mad: its made me quite angry.
I couldn't work it out to be honest, she said that the pill and all other methods apart from the coil are not as effective as I'm overweight, in terms of getting pregnant there's a higher risk. I was under the impression that fertility rates are lower when you're overweight :S


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I don't know what to say to you other than I hope you feel a little happier soon - what an awful experience. You're far stronger than me to hold it together, I would have done one of 2 things depending on what mood I was in (coz I'm a bit of a drama queen)

a) Given it to her with both barrells full of hell and fury
b) Dissolved into a heap of snot and tears

So well done for walking out with your head held high

i can only say what a ***** i was 18 haf stone and was on pill with no probs my doctor once said to me after taking weight you realise your obese i said sarcasticly YOU ARE BLOODY KIDDING I WOULD NEVER HAD GUESSED and he didnt say anything then or since at least you can lose weight shell always be a mean horrible person grrrrrrrrrrrrr forget her and good luk xx


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what a cheeky cowbag!

How you not cry there.... My god I would have sobbed.. I have no idea about the pill at all tho... I have the coil and its didnt hurt and didnt make me have irregular periods... maybe were heavier at forst but now they last 2/3 days and not heavy at all....

Good Luck with your weight loss journey xx
Hi hun........ right first of all...... use this as a reason to show the b*tch.... next time you go, step on the scales and show her how much you've lost.

You can do something about your weight, She's stuck as a nasty old cow bag forever.

Have you discussed the depo injection with them? I was told by my Dr that I'd have to take 2 pills / injection or coil.

I get on fine with injection x
Firstly - she was very unprofessional and unhelpful. She is NOT your dietician so it is basically none of her business.

Secondly - I would imagine liking to cook would help you with SW as you wont mind cooking from scratch but doing it healthy. I find cooking from scratch a pain.

So, don't take it to heart. People that have never had a weight problem haven't a clue what it's like. I liken it to smoking. If somone has smoked and tried to stop that is what it is like for people like us to change our eating habits.
Awww honey.. first thing I would do is copy and paste your post here into a letter to the practice manager.. people cannot get
away with saying things like that.. second of all I would think.. sod her.. I can lose my weight.. she cant lose her nasty attitude.

Big hugs

hey im 13 stone well 12.10 now but im on the pill and have been for years so you should be aloud too! dont let her upset you. you can do it :) x


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she sounds like another crap nurse! lol

i would write a letter of complaint about her and say that although you're aware you have a weight problem you are trying to deal with it and don't need a lecture...but would appreciate constructive and positive suggestions. also tell them that she was very patronising and made you feel so low you cried as soon as you left your appointment.

as for the pill - i am morbidly obese and was on the Depo injection for 2 years. a year into being on it i had an appointment with a nurse to get the Depo and she told me that there's enough hormone in it to do a horse!...a GP also told me this. she also said that they'd done research on it and it causes weight gain, so she tried to pursuade me to get a coil fitted instead. she got quite abrupt and defensive when i declined, so i politely explained to her that it was my body and i would decide what i put it in - conversation over! when i came off the Depo i went on the minipill for 2 months and only took one a day and it was fine.

the reason they bring up weight is because of the fact that the pill can cause weight gain, so they're now trying to discourage very overweight people from going on it and are trying to get them to have the coil fitted instead.


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OMG Tazzy, what an awful thing for her to say! She has no right talking to you like that and you should definately send a letter of complaint about her
Thanks for all of your responses :)

It's cheered me up no end. Don't know what I'd do without this forum! I can talk to my boyfriend but people who haven't struggled with weight don't understand as much. I think I might write a letter of complaint. They do it to me every time I go and the one time I did lose 4 stone they didn't say anything!!! So I just thought what's the point if people aren't that bothered anyway. Things are different this time around, I need to do it for my health and my nurse training.

I'm gonna go back there in a years time and show her that I can be on the pill, be happy and lose a lot of weight! I might use it as a motive to lose weight!!!
Good for you hun :)