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Just been very bad and need some support pls


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just been very bad and had a massive binge of about 25 syns (on top of my 15 allowance that i've already had today).

no real excuse for it ..... having bad day at home on my own with the kids - got a 2yr old and 1 yr old. they fighting and generally being a pain. i have previously suffered from PND and days like this bring back a lot of those horrid dark thoughts so old habits die hard and i binge.

anyhows, i need support to get me back on track. dont let me ruin the rest of the day. i can still claim it back i just need a bit of support pleeeease. or a kick up the bum!

i've got no idea whats for dinner. got quorn sausages and beans??? any exciting ideas? any recipes for a bean and sausage casserole?

i can take control of this now and not dissapear on a spiral of crap food for the evening. kinda thinking thoughts about pizza and chocolate.........

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Don't do it!! You have done the best thing in coming here and telling us what's happened. You have realised what you've done before it's too late and you can stop right there! So well done for posting and not shoving your head in the cupboard.

Days like this happen, but it doesn't have to turn into more days, weeks etc. Once the kids go to bed, plan to do something you enjoy (other than eating) give yourself a bit of YOU time.

Are you doing green? You could do a shed load of SW chips or wedges to go with the sausage and beans. They'd fill you right up.

Don't undo all the hard work you've done so far. You are worth far more than that! Don't let the kids grind you down.. it's nearly bed time.

Big hugs xxxx


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Chin up missus. It's not that bad. Really! Just think... It can be a flexi syn day or you could cut back over the next few days and eat lots of extra free or SS foods.

We all have days like this. I overindulged the other day (37 syns) but I'm forgetting about that and concentrating on the here and now. You can do it!

I'm sure someone will have a great recipe for you. I, as I'm a crap cook unfortunately, do not lol xx


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Sorry to hear you're having such a bad day. Don't beat yourself up over it, we've all done it, but don't do it any more! Have a lovely comforting green dinner, I love egg, chips beans and quorn sausages! It's hard when the kids are misbehaving, but remember you love them and that things will get better. Good luck x


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(((( Huge hugs )))) Don't get too cross with yourself. Children are very hard work and sometimes you need something to get you through xxxx


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Hi hun, you have had a flexi syn day, count everything you have eaten and move on, get back on track you will feel better for it. You sound exactly like me, my daughter is 1 next month and i too suffered with pnd. when i feel depressed i binge. I'm off tablets and things are going ok, but i do get days where it comes back to bite me on the bum with avengance (sp???). Keep your chin up hun, you are doing a great job and you have two lovely kids xx


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If you cut back your syns for a few days you will soon be back on track so draw a line underneath and concentrate on all the good work you have done so far. Sending you lots of good wishes to spur you on


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Hey, you're human, don't beat yourself up or you'll start a trend and we'll all have to do it. You came on the forum and you're determined to get back on track - how great is that? Well done you.

One day isn't going to destroy your diet. Only you can do that by letting one day become two, three, five weeks . . . Take it from this yo-yoer who's trying to mend her ways, it's better to look at the overall picture than beat yourself up for one day. And it isn't even a day - just a few hours.

Take back the control - like the advert says, you're worth it.
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Have you eaten yet? If not, make sausage and bean casserole. Cut sausage up into thick discs, and put in casserole with 2 tins of beans and one chopped toms. Throw in a couple of tablespoons of worcestershire sauce and same of sweetener. Cook in oven for about 40 mins. Very easy, and gorgeous!!! Could also be done on the hob in about half the time.xxx

Can add bacon too if you're on red.x
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Sending you lots hugs sweetie.

Dont worry about whats happened pick yourself up and dust yourself down and just start from now!

You can do it love I KNOW you can!!
Thanks guys.

I really needed some support from those who know exactly how hard it is rather than my hubby who said 'ah well no point doing it today then. lets get fish n chips' ahhhhhh.

I know it's pathetic but I just really needed you guys to tell me to get straight back on plan. One small pig out this time of week always ends up as a bad weekend for me and that's got to stop.

Well I think I have done quite well. I actually really really wanted to do my Coleen Nolen DVD but the kids seem to have hidden it! Very annoyed as the time to do it and the motivated dont come together very often! Ah well at least I WANTED to do it!

I had wedges, sausage, egg and beans for dinner. I had about 1syns worth of tommy sauce which I know I shouldn't have with the syn blow out I had earlier but hey ho. Also had a muller light. Still having a few bad thoughts but hopefully they'll pass!!

Thanks for the recipe Katherine - that was just what I was looking for but a bit late tonight! I'm defo going to try it next week tho - sounds yummy and quick!

Thanks again - you have saved me today!
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Sounds good. Onwards and upwards hun.x


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Well done for pulling it back, that's definitely damage limitation control! Glad you managed to make a healthy dinner and I hope you have a better day tomorrow. :D


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You've done really well to contain it and get straight back on the wagon - that's the hard bit, now on to tomorrow.
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hi! i know you dont need any advice now, but i just had to say WELL DONE! i suffered with hellish PND with my eldest 2, who are 15 mths apart.. and have only just realised that im now totally out of that zone (they are now 6&4 and i also have a 7mth old) i still have dark days every now and again where the little devil inside tries to sabotage all the good ive done, and not just in my diet.. but what ive come to realise is now i can recognise it and take the power back... just what you have done tonight!! so well done hunny you should feel really proud!! hugs nicky x

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Children really know all the buttons to push when it comes to our limits. Take a deep breath and just think it will get better.
Hope things are improving for you now.

Morning all

I feel ok at the moment - just had HEb toast with 2 syns of spread. Planning JP and beans for lunch. Not sure about dinner yet... Kids behaving at the moment but it's still early! It's around lunch time that things get out of control. There is a 15mth gap between mine too Nicky - it's certainly challenging! I'm planning on number 3 in 2011 (god willing) but I need to get rid of every trace of PND before then and it's still lingering and really affects my diet. TOTM is also due and that of course makes everything worse!

Thanks again for all your support. xx

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