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Just beginning! GULP

Hi I am going to my introduction meeting tonight and have really made up my mind to give this my best shot. I have done all the usual diets before losing up to 4 stone - but can't seem to keep it off. I really want to explore why this is - I am not stupid I know all the things to avoid but seem to get totally out of control very quickly. Can anyone who is doing / has done Lighter lifer reassure me that this type of problem is tackled within the counselling.

I am really nervous that I can stick with this! I start the diet on Friday providing tonight goes well> Wish me luck:eek:
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Hi Louie,

This is the best decision I've ever made. I have been thinking about LL for about 6 months. Today is DAY 6 and I feel amazing! I've got tons of energy and haven't felt hungry at all.

A tip for you - try and lower your carb intake and increase the amount of water you're drinking from now till friday. I did this for 3 days prior to starting and I really think it helped.

Good luck for friday.

Just home and can't wait to start now! Wish I could have got the packs tonight!

It does sound tough but I can't get over how positive everyone is so it must be managable.

I have also been thinking about it for ages and wish I had just gone for it sooner but better now than never.



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good luck hun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Good luck for when you start. I took ages before I finally to take the plunge and i wish I had done it when I first heard about it years and about 3 stones ago.

The councelling will cover why you over eat and cant keep the weight of. I am on week 4 and started to cover this last week. It does make you think and realise a lot of things. Some you dont want to.

My biggest advice is be honest to yourself and drink the water. You wont be hungry if you are drinking. You may think you want that packet of crips but it is only habbit you have gotten into and need to break.

Good luck

Im in Scotland to so we all need to stick together lol


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Hiya Louie22,
I came away from my introduction meeting so fired up and desperate to start the course! I had to wait for a few weeks and now that I have been on it for couple of months, I can honestly say that it is one of the best things I have done for myself in a very long time!
You sound like you are in the right frame of mind to make this happen and I wish you all the very best!
Another Scot, as you might guess by the name!! lol
Good Luck!
The counselling will definately help you. I am 15 weeks in and all counselling has ended (it ends after the 100 days) and if you are like me that still have weight to lose before target you need to go on on your own without the counselling. I have to say that what I have learned has carried me forward and kept me going. Things have stuck in my head and it does come out every now and then to keep me going.

Good luck with your journey, we are all here to help
Thanks to everyonewho has replied - it feels quite scary but really liberating at the same time - weird I know!

Great to hear from all you other scottish lassies / laddies(?) and you are right we can do this!

FREEDOM - from being fat that is!!! LOL
Louie I am in Scotland too - female!

Good luck in your journery
Thanks for all your support ;) am off to first class in half an hour and my head is all over the place - really excited / scared !

Will post tomorrow evening and let you all know how I'm feeling! Have a quiet weekend planned so will no doubt check in then too!
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Hi Louie,

Hope your first class went well. There is definitely something different about doing LL. Can't wait to see your ticker adding up those losses.
Best wishes

Hi Drama Q - thanks for asking - it went well - only 6 of us so quite a small group just now but another two meetings til it closes so we might pick up a couple more.
Just had a banana shake - it was quite nice taste but a bit too thick - think I will add more water next time.
When are you having your mid week weigh in? Let us know how you get on!
Hi Louie,

I have my pop in this afternoon. I don't think I want to know what I weigh today. May sound odd but my pop in is not til quite late this afternoon - I will be full of water and am petrified that I will only have a minor loss which would really de-motivate me. I would rather wait til Tuesday and get the big picture. Does that make any sense or am I being silly? I will see what LLC says when i get there.

Am doing well so far. Don't really like the soups - tend to have a cup of coffee and vanilla in morning (yum) thai chilli crisps with a savoury drink about 2ish and then 2 shakes in the evening. Am managing to drink all the water which has surprised me!

I wish you every success and we can support each other along the way. Have a good day.


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