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just blew it help

Just had huge row with hubby minute I got in from work was starving n just wanted a shake storMed off out in a rage n went 2 macs had small fries n new snack wrap imgutted now was doing so well feel like such a failure got weigh in Sunday aswell wot shall I do will i put weight on help?
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Don't worry about it now, what's done is done, worrying and all the money in the world won't change it! Reflect on it, look at why and how to not do it next time but don't dwell on it. It will probably effect your loss but it might not mean a gain. Just get straight back on the wagon, you'll be ok!! xxx
I would have a look at why you chose to do this. Not judging you here - am sure most of us have fallen off various diet wagons.
What I mean is that in the past I have used an argument with OH to think 'sod you then, I'll show you' and eaten almost so that I can blame the OH.

My concern with doing this would not be about whether I would put on weight, as you can lose that and it evens out in the long term. I would be more concerned with looking at why I did it and how I would do it differently next time :)

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Awwww Cooky hun. Old habbit's die hard, it takes a while to get out of our usual habbits.

We're all gonna have blips along the way, as we all well know, but they can actually make us stronger. It feels so rubbish after, it stops us doing it the next time. You were tired and caught off guard. I feel you should forget it happened, have the rest of your shakes for the day to get your nutrients and move on.

It's not a nice feeling when we blip so just learn from it. I'm not saying it's right to blip but try and ignore that you have and keep going the way you have been. You'll probably still lose from staying on track all week.

Hope you're ok. Sending you Shrinklie power. Don't forget to pop over to us and we'll keep eachother on track.

You can do this. xxx


Slimming down the aisle
No you should still have your shake tonight so that you have all of the nutrients that you're meant to have. So definitely still have it.
Hey hun, its happened, put it behind you and start a fresh right now! Drink lots of water tonight, make sure you take your fibre pills and hopefully it wont affect your weightloss too badly.

Just dont do what I did last week and use the excuse of having a meal to allow you to eat everything in sight!! 10lbs later and I wonder why I did it!!
Hey Cookie I wasn't criticising you at all :wave_cry:
I would have thought you'd see from my other threads that I'm a supportive person. I was talking about what I've done in the past, not how you are.

I really struggled on the diet last time because I was going through a difficult relationship and I felt that arguments with my ex were largely responsible for me turning to food.

I'm saddened that you read what I wrote and assumed that I was having a go at you when I just took the time to try and help. I even stated that I wasn't criticising you, but if you read it that way then that was not my intention. :(


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Just had huge row with hubby minute I got in from work was starving n just wanted a shake storMed off out in a rage n went 2 macs had small fries n new snack wrap imgutted now was doing so well feel like such a failure got weigh in Sunday aswell wot shall I do will i put weight on help?
Cooky, you are certainly not alone in doing this. I reckon theres 80% of us on here who have all done the same. I've done it quite a lot, and given up on CD many times.

But now something has clicked for me and I've learnt that one blip doesnt mean I'm a failure, as now I just get right back on track the next day.

You can do it x


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It's ok. Just get straight back on it. Have your shake and water and just put it down to experience.

It's a hard habit to break, but if it happens again that you want to eat when you are stressed, try this....

If you want to eat something not on the diet plan, pause. Tell yourself, not now.

It's easier to say, in 5 minutes....then in 5 minutes, just decide to wait another 5 minutes. Make a choice, and pretty soon you'll have calmed down enough to take control and make a reasonable decision. 5 minutes isn't long, and it's better than telling yourself no, or trying to make yourself wait a longer period of time. You can cope for 5 minutes.
Do you see what I mean. You can do it!

I can't take the credit for the pause idea, I read it here on Minimins. I use it even now. If I think I'm hungry, when I know I can't be, I make myself wait and see. I have a drink of water to see if that helps. Half the time I forget I wanted something to eat, and suddenly it's meal time.

It works just as well when OH annoys me and I want wine or chocolate though!

So all I'm really trying to say, is don't worry, just start again, and if you find yourself in that position again, try the techniques people suggest on here, they do work. xx

I'll hope it's not affected you too much, you might be surprised if you get straight back too it.
From what I understand, if you put weight on from it, it will be mostly water and you should lose it again very quickly!

You can do this, honey x
Hey cookie girl get back on track NOW or I'll nag you when I see you lol your doing so well! just put it behind you, you will be ok as long as you don't think I've blown it I might as well go the whole way, what you felt was phycological hunger not physical, you can do it, and you know it works x x x
We all have our moments! Just drink loads of water and keep focussed on why your doing this! I done the same thing a couple of wks ago and ate a chinese, but i didnt put anything on luckily! but now, i just get some ham or something thats mostly protein based and low fat and carbs cuz that doesn't effect ketosis!

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