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Just bought a 12.5kg bag of potatoes and it's been a real motivator

I can only just about lift the bag of potatoes and asked the lad in the farm shop to carry it out to my car. Then I realised that I've lost 17kg which is more than the potatoes. I used to carry that weight with me every single day yet I can barely lift it.

This really brings it home to me what a huge difference my weight loss has made to me. No wonder I feel so much fitter and healthier. I've been a bit down over my low losses lately, but I feel so much better now as they all add up and every bit counts.

I've felt the weight of my achievement.
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Well done on your loss so far. It definitely helps to physically put into perspective how much we have lost.
There is no way I could lift almost 7 and a half stone now, so goodness knows what that was doing to my body!!

What a lovely post Hun.
Thanks everyone. Today I went shopping for clothes and nearly cried. Not with dismay but with happiness. I used to look in the changing room mirror and see myself all fat and blubbery and looking awful in anything I tried on. Today I saw a much slimmer me who looked great in what I was trying on. It's just so fabulous. I even bought some size 10 jeans. They are a bit tight but my size 12 trousers are starting to get a bit loose so I've got some ready for when I need them.

Once I get to my target weight, my husband has promised me a whole new wardrobe. I can't wait!
I went bowling on monday..

if any of you go anytime soon, youl spot a little sign on the end of each ally of the weights of the balls..

the green ones are 1 stone each, and the yellow 8lbs. i lost 4 green and one yellow, and i couldnt even hold two, one in each hand and stand up straight! its so crazy.. x


Never gets tired of SW!
OMG that's amazing!! I've lost just under your sack of spuds TeresaTT and am gobsmacked by what you've just said! And you Fern re the bowling balls!! I did something similar the other day! I bought a honeydew melon (which is pretty heavy)! Out of interest I plonked it on my kitchen scales and it weighed 3lb, and I thought to myself how incredible it was that I'd lost 8 of them!! It's a great exercise to do, especially if you're feeling a bit down about losing 1/2 lb or 1 lb!! Find something in the house that weighs the same and it's surprising! Great thread!X

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