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Just cant start!

Hi Guys,

I tried LT a few months back and lasted 2 days then felt a little dizzy when I got up from sitting down so that was my first excuse to cave in which I did! :(

So I thought ok, new year new start I will try it again(yesterday). Had my shake in the morning but come the evening I just caved in again from hunger.

Whats most disappointing is the fact my wife was on this for 8 weeks(lost 4 st) and has now gone back onto it without any issue yet I cant do it!! WHY ???!?!?

Please someone give me some advice on this as I desperately need to lose weight for health reasons more than anything else.

I feel so weak! :mad:
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Did you try FibreClear in coffee/tea when the hunger struck? It's a soluble fibre which is allowed on the diet, which helps to fill you up. You can get it from your pharmacist. I used it in the first few days when the hunger struck but you shouldn't have more than two teaspoons a day, according to the directions. I used to have it mid morning and late afternoon in a coffee. It's useful to have ongoing too while doing LT as it helps with the old bowel movements! You said you had your shake in the morning - when did you have your second/third shakes? Maybe you're leaving it too long between shakes. I know some people on here go all day and have all their LT options in the evening. I couldn't survive doing that. I have mine around 9.30am, 2pm and 7.30pm with coffee and FibreClear around 11.30am and 4.30pm. Other than that, I can only say that you have to drink your water and fight through the hunger pangs for the first few days until ketosis kicks in. I guess it's about deciding how important your health is to you. Good luck.
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Hally I know exactly how you feel!! I am on day 8 now and starting to feel a bit better, days 1-3 were fine for me, yeah I was hungry but I managed to push through. Days 4-7 were sheer hell, I felt so ill and weak and desperately hungry and totally miserable. I was really feeling sorry for myself and how I managed to get through it I don't know, I think this site was my saviour as there were some wonderful people helping me to keep on going. Today I'm feeling much better and I lost 8lb in my first week which I'm more than happy with.


I came across the above in another thread. As you can see, your experience isn't unique. You've just got to get through the first few days and things will improve.
Wow thanks to the second comment, I never knew about FibreClear, I'll have to pick some up :) Hope you get back on it :-D Frankie
Hi JayUK,

I know how your feeling believe me. I am on day 8 at the minute and for the past 24 hours i could eat the scraps in the bin I am that hungry :eek:. I think you just need to really focus on what you are wishing to achieve long term and keep reminding yourself why you are doing this, it really helps. I miss the social interaction alot, it is actually amazing how much time we spend eating and drinking/cooking during the day. Its funny when all you have to do is just open and packet and mix it with water and Hey presto over in 2 minutes.:wave_cry:

The best saviour I feel is when you think you need to eat and badly!!! go and take a look in the mirror and tell yourself is that what I want to see in 2 months time, if not put the food back into the fridge. The great bonus you have is your partner is right there with you for support, I have to look at mine stuffing his face every evening with Currys, indians etc :)

Give it your best shot, you deserve to look good.;)
and remember it wont take long before you see the results unlike other diets.
First it IS tough but I find its tougher in the first few days, I think your body adjusts and after a few days and ketosis you will start to feel a lot better.
I'm only on my 4th day (but i've done it before) and first 2 and a half days were very hard, now just hard!:) But seriously It does get easier, maybe say to yourself 'I'm only going to do this for 1 week. Dont think of the 'long journey'. I think this will help as after 1 week you will have mostly adjusted to the new regime, you should feel better and of course have a great weigh in to inspire you.
I'm in week 2 and suddenly finding it very hard again. By the end of last week, I seemed to have my energy back and it motivated me and kept me going! But yesterday and today, while I have energy, my motivation isn't as good. I'm not stuggling to the point where I'm in danger of giving up, I just don't have the same feelings as last weekend! I have a WI on Friday and I hope I get good results there - because I do know its those good results that motivate for another week.

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