Just cheated


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:mad: Today was day 4 of trying to get back into SS. I was doing well, but have just picked at baked beans and cheese. :( I seem to be able to do the first few days, then it falls apart. This is the 3rd attempt to get back on ss.
oh honey, i hear ya but the only thing i can say to you is just put that behind you and have your next pack as normal. drink loads of water and try to keep your mind off food. believe me i know how hard it is BUT think of how you will feel in the morning if a) you didn't continue eating or b) you did continue to eat.... i know i'd rather the a) feeling in the morning!!

try to distract yourself for a little while now and hopefully that will keep ya going!!

i'm restarting again tomorrow so i'll be in the same boat and begging for help!!!

hope you feel ok

Gen xx
Good luck for tomorrow Gen! Its always around this time that i have trouble, getting the kids' tea. :( Think i will have to get them cooking their own! My eldest is ten now!
I'd go down the distraction route myself. Try to get yourself away from the situation that is making you eat. If you can't physically leave then distracting your brain will help.

You stopped yourself at the picking stage which is really postive that you had the self control to do that so well done you ;)

You have done so well and 30 secs weakness in nearly 4 days still sounds like a success story to me. Please try to remeber that contrary to popular belief there are degrees of success, it isn't an all or nothing concept.

So you have had the scare you needed, time to jump back on the wagon and continue the success that you have already engineered for yourself :D
It was only a tiny pick, please don't be so harsh on yourself. Afterall, it's still less calories than you would normally consume.
Get back on the wagon and glug that water!
Thanks guys. The pick turned into a full blown pig out. Thats my trouble, i cheat, then i think ' I may as well make the most of it today'.:( :( :(
we can get through this.....

Hi there.......
you and me both babe! I have just posted a very similar thread.....and once I have put that one tiny bit in .,...well thats it.........the flood gates are open and binge mode starts!!

I have just had some excellent advice......so i am gonna put yesterdays binge and todays litlle pick behind me and get on with the rest of the week!

Hopefully now that the kids are back at school tomorrow, it will help me back into the CD routine that I had mastered so well before the hols!!

Put it behind you babe...get back on the wagon tomorrow......we can and will do this...we know we can!!!

Hugs Lou X
well there we go...we both know what we have to do and now that the kids are gonna be back and school and we are back in routine...we have no excuse!!

Come on we can do it!!!

hugs lou X

ps thanks for the msg on mine!!LOL
Well girls as you say you must put this behind you. I think as soon as routine sets in with school you will be fine its tougher at holiday times for mums.

Why day 3/4 its because this is when all the glycogen store has gone and your body has to burn fat for energy, this is hard work, so your brain tricks you into thinking you are hungry and makes it really difficult for you.

If you can ignore this trick of the mind you will go into ketosis as the fat burns and your appetite will go and you will start to feel really well as the ketones kick in.

Just start afresh tomorrow.

brilliant well done!! On wards and downwards from here!!