just cheated!!!


i have just ate a chagico town pizza (MINI ONE) and a packet of crisps... feel so crap.. i ahve been on ss for 2 weeks tommorow and i cant believe i just cheated. it has really hit home that i have no self control... i have proberly kicked myself out of ketotis. i need motivation, my weakness is the weekends as i am always out paintin the town red and now i am sitting at home thinking of food.

CD is the best tool to loose weigh taht is one of the main things i have learnt on this site. i really want to succeed on this diet and be a size 12 and achieve my goal of being weighing 11 stones and not 18 stones.

i have my weigh in tommorow and i knw my counseller will be really asmashed of me.. i feel so gulity. i hve joined the gym and hope to combine ss and cardio i want to see fast results not just on the scales but on my body..

can any one please inspire me? or give me any advice?

Sorry if i have depressed everyone...

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Hi Sally,

I am on day 1 of the CD and I can understand how easy it is to give way to temptation, but stick with it. We are all doing this for the same reason, and I am sure that there will be lots of positive support on these forums.

But today behind you, and get back on track tomorrow. You can do it, you have been doing so well for two weeks :):)


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it has been done now, forget about it and get back on track! If you really feel the need to eat have something from ss+ or 810 then you wont kick yourself out of ketotis, your cdc will support you not tell you off hun xxx

remember it was one blip! which has been done now hugs xx


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Ok - it has happened. You now need to focus on tomorrow - which will be tough as you will be hungry, but with extra water, and a good chat with your CDC, you can be back on track if you want to be. Don't feel tempted to gorge, as the more you do, the longer it'll take to get rid of those carbs.
Good luck.

Thank you for your advice and kind words.. yeah you right i will put today behind me and startagain tommorow and really be determined and think of those rock and republic jeans i desperatley want.

Good luck with your journey

thanks again.



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Hi :)

Totally agree with Ollie, Berryred and lottymoo here hun. Put this behind you, it's done. Get straight back on now and prevent any further lapsing. Your CDC will support you and should help you explore the reasons why this happened and ways to avoid it for the future.

Feeling gulity will only leave you more vulnerable to carry on instead of stopping now...tonight!! ;):D

Been there too with this but you can seize control again, just believe it...xxx