Just checking in!


Day 5 of SS and going strong! Had a sneaky weigh this morning and I'm 6lb down, so pleased with that considering I'm probably not drinking quite enough - it takes me a while to build up to drinking the water. I'll be on 3l a day next week.

Hope everyone is ok. I am looking forward to our weekend away in Amsterdam - 3 weeks tomorrow!! :D

Rachel xx
Hi Rachel
Glad everything is going well: fab news about the weight loss so far ... it'll be even better when you hop on your CDC's scales!

You going to Amsterdam for your hols? We couldn't afford a 'proper' holiday this year so have booked 5 nights at a theme park called Duinrell in Holland (we went there last year too). It's not far from Amsterdam and we'll be popping along there on one of the days. I love Amsterdam - it has a great 'buzz' about it but retains its quaint and quirky character :D
Hey Rachel!

Well done on the 6lb & you still have another 2 days to go!!!

I too started 4 days ago & we have almost the exact same amout of weight to loose so we can keep each other in good company & support etc if you want?

We have a Sept starting club over on the CD forum if you want to pop over & join us there?

Which diet are you following, CD I guess if you are clling it SSing... can I ask you how tall you are? Just cos I'm 5'8.5 & on 4 packets a day, just wondering if there are any other tall women like me on here!!!

Keep it up girl!
Anna, I'm a shortarse unfortunately - just 5'4", though I did have 4 packs yesterday! It was that or bread!! I will join the Sept club for sure!
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Rachel - well done so far, stay strong and focussed. As soon as you are able, try and get some excercise (yes I KNOW that's what everyone says and it's boring) BUT honestly, it does lift your mood after a few weeks. Together with losing your weight, it completely alters your mental state, in subtle, as well as obvious ways. I never thought I would ever say that, but there, I have - and I mean it. I wouldn't have listened before, but hope my experience can help others.
Enjoy Amsterdam, we are going for a weekend in early November, it would be lovely to hear about your trip.
Ann xxx