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Just curious..What is your favorite CD product?


Step away from the chips!
At the minute its spicy tomato crisps :D


Silver Member
oriental chilli crisps and choc tetra ice cream
How do you make the tetra ice creams?

The tetra's are my favourite because they are sooo.. versatile!


Gold Member
The choc tetra, thats all I'm living on at the moment!


Gold Member
The peanut bars are revolting :sign0137:
Hmmmph well Ive just gone from SS+ to SS( changed yesterday) and Ive decided to have the bars, I havent seemed to have been in ketosis since monday, so my theory was that If I went into Ketosis whilst eating them I would be ok???


Silver Member
Defo chocolate bar but not having more cos they are tooooo niiiiiice!!!!
2nd would be the mint choc shake 3rd would be oriental chilli soup xx


Full Member
i looooove choc shake made into a stodgy muffin and choco tetras!
Defo the chocolate tetra. Its the only thing that tastes like it should be a naughty treat!

Going to be trying a chocolate tetra ice cream, so I'm hoping that will live up to its reputation on here!


Nearly "Normal"
Another vote for the chocolate mint shake here, but i love the cranberry crunch bars too AND butterscotch shakes, I think they're luscious!!!

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