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Just feel so fat today ...


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Hi All,
this is a self pity post and my 1st low in a long while but can't help but look in the mirror and see how fat i am .. i know i am doing something about it but it's so painful knowing how far i have to go and also can't believe i must have disliked myself so much to let myself get in this mess ... i was doing really well fitting into a big size 12 pair of jeans and 12-14 tops but now all i see is fat buldging under them,
i was so upbeat and posiitve how quick it's changed ..sorry just wanted to voice this :wave_cry:
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Oh hun, you're doing great.
Just try and think positive, at least you're not squeezing into a size 24 like me!!!!
or an 18 like me:)
Seriously though.... today was really sunny here and I wore a Tshirt into town... I caught a refelction sight of my bum and legs and liked the view, but then caught sight of my tummy and arms and felt like sh1t.
It's funny, how we can be all over the place, but ultimately you hit the nail ont he head...you are doign soemthing about it...
The fact you got big is history! All you can do now is take it off and thats what you're doing and in a few months you will look back as you strut your stuff and know you will never be fat again!


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I'm with ya today!!!! I haven't worn my jeans in ages and today I decided to wear them. I feel like i'm squished into them!!! with lovely muffin tops!!!!! Do you know what, having typed that and re-reading, i really cannot wait to get rid of all these lumps and bumps. So at least we are on the right path and soon we will look and feel the way we want to.

ps- keep your goals in mind and remember the excitement you felt when you first started losing weight xxx you've lost so much x


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I'm feeling more chipper, I think I'm going mental

Just popped in to see how you are doing? Any better?


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S: 12st2lb C: 12st2lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 31.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks everyone ((((hugs)))

i think i need to get real .... i am half way there and bond not to like what i see right now but the beauty of cd is in 6-8 weeks it won't be there lol,

just hate lumps and bumps but don't we all

thanks again girls i do feel better but def avoid the mirror for the rest of today lol xxx


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I had a down day like this last week, I was convinced my fat had got worse and was bulging over the top of my jeans which it hadn't been the week before, I just felt so bad, fat and out of control.... I feel much better this week and can see a difference in myself. As others have said you are over half way there, you have done extremely well, just hang in there for another few weeks and you will feel much better.


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Hey hon
Your doing so well !! I bet you look fab.......... lets see your pics.. Just think how far you have come and size 10s are fab hon .
Chin up I am sure you look great x
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just to echo what the others have said really adn when you have to be on CD a bit longer than about 2 months ish you are about half way like me you and curly are you do get down days thinking well its taken me 8 weeks to lose this then another 8 to go but you will do it I have every faith in you and by the summer me you and curly will be in the size 10's PROMISE!!!!


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I know exactly where you are coming from!!

I thought, loose a stone and a half...be size 12 jeans and Ill be looking good. Nahh, I have lost weight but my body shape is the same but smaller. Im trying to do lots of toning, but I think I still look crap.

Chin up hun, you have come so far. Well done on your loss so far, YAY!


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S: 12st2lb C: 12st2lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 31.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks again girls - i think more sit up's are in order and side exercises,
so strange i think also i was 19 when i was a size 10-12 and had a young body now i am 27 it's not the same body either if that makes any sense esp my boobies

have added some photos so you can see the lumps ...
Your right jesscia rabbit & curly summer size 10 here we come !!


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S: 77.11kg C: 64.5kg G: 56.25kg BMI: 26 Loss: 12.6kg(16.35%)
Wow wannabe! your pics are fab, your looking fanastic! You should be very proud!

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