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just for me really...


i really don't know life
i have decided to weigh myself every monday evening.

my gym has scales that calculate your bmi and body fat index, so i'll do that each monday before my workout and stick the receipts in my diary to remind me.

last monday was my first weigh in since i put half the dreaded weight back on.

i weighed 12st1.

i decided to go for a pound a week weight loss to give myself better chances of keeping it off.

i've only gone and lost 4 pounds!!! in a week!!!! so i'm now 11st11 and wondering quite how i did it (since i'm trying not to calorie count, and even had several cans of cider at the weekend!) never mind eh? as long as i lose one more pound by next monday i'll be happy. just dont want to drop it so quickly is all.

am feeling pretty motivated atm, and roll on wednesday when i return to the gym!!!

ps. anyone who's reading - how do i get a ticker??! i want a reminder of how well i'm doing!!
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Is feeling the love!
Hi, Thats great losing 4lb in a week. I weigh myself on Mondays too. I find it the best time of the week to do it because it keeps me motivated ready for the day to day grind before the weekend.

If you want a ticker just click onto my ticker and it will bring the web site up and you can do it from there. They have a step by step guide. :D
well done. Im a friday morning girl so that I can eat watever on friday night but enough days to be good on. Good luck and well done. Yes just click on anyones ticker to sort your own out.


i really don't know life
thanks for your words of support, guys. i cant believe i have attempted weightloss before without the help of this forum! if eel some much more optimistic that i will succeed this time. i had a visit from my sister before, who was complaining about her lack of motivation in her diet. she then proceeded to eat the rest of my viennese truffles while i just watched (glad that someone was eating them, but surprisingly not craving!!) i've directed her this way and she's just joined up, so hopefully she'll get the same welcome and support i have!

tis weigh day tomorrow. i'm quietly confident, although i had 2 large glasses of red wine and a glass of champers at my friend's birthday meal last night. but i have been vigourously decorating the spare room all weekend and had leaves for lunch today, so i dont think it will have had too much of an impact.

wish me luck.....!


i really don't know life

last night's weigh in revealed a loss of 0lbs.

trying not to be disappointed, but since i lost 4lb last week and i'm only aiming for a slow loss i think that's fine. at least i didnt gain right?

although the print out did say my body fat has gone down from 28% to 27.2% - which could explain it. i have more muscle! woo! the gym visits are not fruitless afterall!

gonna slog it at the gym tomorrow morning, just to kickstart my metabolism. wish me luck!! still feeling pretty motivated despite not losing this week.


i really don't know life
i weigh myself at the gym - it takes your height and weight. then it tells you your bmi. you have to put your hands on sensors and it then gives you your percentage body fat.

The body fat recommendations for women are:

Excellent: 20.9%
Good: 25.7%
Average: 29%
Poor: 33.6%

i think they have the same machines in boots. costs 50p just to do height, weight and bmi and a further 50p to do body fat


i really don't know life
yay! i lost my pound!! (despite having pizza and maltesers at the weekend :rolleyes:)

so i now weigh 11st 10lb. groovy.

i think i can get down with gradual weightloss if it means i can still indulge on occasion!!!
well done.
hope you reach the goal you desire.

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Well done :)
Will have a nosey for those scales locally to me out of interest.. maybe weigh on them monthly or something to see progress ;)

The ticker instructions are at the bottom of the forum in the technical area if you need them.. but you create one on another site.. copy the 'code' when you get it and enter it in your signature section via the 'user cp' up the top of the page (blue area) :)

Good luck with your continued weight loss :)


i really don't know life
weigh day #5 was yesterday. again - no loss.

at first i was disappointed, but then i remembered the oreo-cookie evening meal i had on saturday night. so i slapped my wrist and got on the treadmill.

naughty rhuba.

i'm going to stick to my 'no crap' diet 100% this week and aim to lose 2lb. otherwise i'm gona fail in my march challenge as well!!


i really don't know life
i had a cheeky wiegh in on friday at my parent's house when i went round for tea. now we all know how results vary from scale to scale but if it was right it showed a 1 3/4 lb loss since last monday.

i've been very good with only weighing myself once a week up to now, but i felt like i'd lost a bit and couldnt resist.

anywho, today's the real test, as to keep the experiment controlled i must use the same scales each week and get my little motivational printout for my diary. i hope they display similar results, coz if they do that'll be half a stone gone forever! woohoo!


i really don't know life
thanks for the support linda! and YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!

i have succeeded in the full 2lb i aimed for. just goes to show that i can do it if i put my mind to it!

have eaten bits of naughties but to be honest i try not to think of any food as naughty, and that can help stop me from eating too much of it!

my vice this week has been mini wham bars! om nom.

anywho, just over a stone to go and i'm feeling great! pushed myself at the gym last night and did nearly an hour of cardio and 100 crunches on the ab machine. woop! bring on that beach-ready belly!


Is feeling the love!
yay!! go you!! Doesn't it feel great when you see the results of all the hard work.

Will you be showing off that beach ready tummy in a bikini? lol


i really don't know life
eek, that's a scary thought! but i am a third of the way there now. i reckon when i get to two thirds there i'll modify my gym regime to include more toning exercises.

i am milk-bottle white as well, so i don't know if i'm quite ready for a bikini but by the time my summer hols comes around (late june)i should be!

it's quite a liberating thought actually!

you're doing fab as well lind, just think in 3 months time we should both be bikini ready!!


i really don't know life
ps. look at my bmiiiiii!

i'm 0.4 away from being not overweight!!!!!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Is feeling the love!
Wow, your bmi is great. I am going to party the day my bmi shows as not over weight. I celebrated when I was no longer in the obese bracket. lol

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