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  1. Sweetpea

    Sweetpea Full Member

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    I think quite a few people did not read Nixx's post properly. I don't think she was even specifically referring to WW in relation to this subject. She said that she'd read lots of boards on this site and I, for one, think the subject of blipping/ cheating (whatever name you wish to call it) is a recurrent theme.

    I thought her post was very articulately written, inoffensive and thought-provoking.

    I think the fact that the thread has now been closed when there was nothing rude in it is a pedantic response. Maybe the people who have been offended by the post are actually unduly sensitive to anything connected with their issue of being overweight?

    It is a totally ridiculous situation when a couple of people are offended and a thread is closed as a result when it isn't rude or generally offensive. I thought we lived in a country that prides itself on free speech?

    Nothing to do with mates all sticking together is it Karion?
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  3. KD

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    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    Exactly. It's so easy for the written word to be misunderstood.

    You did, others didn't. That's the problem. You just can't tell whether people will take it personally or not.
    Unfortunately we do not know how many people were offended. Again, this is one of the drawbacks of this sort of discussion being held on a forum.
    Free speech does not mean that individuals have the right to say whatever they please, whenever they please, using whatever medium they please. Nor does it mean that anyone is under any obligation whatsoever to provide a forum for the free speech of others.

    :confused: I could be offended by that;) but I'm not as you obviously don't know me.
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  4. Sweetpea

    Sweetpea Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Yes apologies for that, when I read the last comment back I can see that it was perhaps offensive but glad I didn't offend you.
  5. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining

    Agreed. I wasn't laying any blame anywhere.

    They are. At the bottom, under rules.

    You know. As an ex-hardliner;) I do understand. It's just that I've seen that it just doesn't work aswell online as it does in 'real life'.

    Besides, it has all been discussed in the past and it just goes around in circles.:sigh:
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  6. Pierce

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    I usualy don't get involved in disputes but this is my reply to your answers to Karion Dieting.

    Before you ask I fully support the action administration has taken because we have been down this path before and we know how it ends up.

    The poster shouldn't be blamed for people not bothering to read her post properly.

    If you had fallen off the wagon yesterday or the day before, or happen to be a repeat offeneder, dispite how nicely phrased don't you think its only natural to take offence at the post?

    Let me give you an example, your sitting in the resturant with somebody, you decide to go to the bathroom, on the way you trip walking down the stairs, thats okay you get up and brush yourself off. You walk into the bathroom to use the facility and find theres no toilet paper... then you burn your hands on the water because its too hot. And on your way back to your chair you see a pound coin on the floor and you pick it up and your friend says to you "God, it must be your lucky day!".

    How would you react? Would you let loose? Or would you laugh realzing that your friend has no idea of your massive missfortune? Theres a difference here as your friend is truly unaware, however as most people on this forum know how horrible one can feel when you fall off the wagon that choice is still there but it makes it so much harder knowing that the person giving you a good kick should know better and that your simply not in the mood or emotional state to get a kick.

    I think that the responses were fairly evenly balanced. A couple said they were offended and a couple said they weren't with at least one poster saying they could see both sides of the coin.

    The problem with the thread is that somebody was offended, this is the problem, while i know you cannot make everybody happy, administration of this forum is goal to make it a nice and comfortable enviroment with no judgement, just support.

    Maybe some rules need to be set out for posting on the forum - or are they already on here somewhere? I still think that Nixx's post was measured in it's language and she did say she wasn't meaning to be preachy or offensive. I don't understand why people can't take these statements at face value. She clearly was just making an observation.

    The rules can be found by going to the bottom of any page on the forum, at the bottom there is a button for "rules".

    The issue of stating a disclaimer like "i dont mean to be peachy or offensive" doesnt cut it.

    I am going to close this thread, if you or anybody wishes to talk about this further you are free to PM me at any time.

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