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Just found a CDC and Can't wait

Hi Everyone

I did LL last year and did not complete, my daughter's wedding was in week 7, looking back I should not have started the programme when I did but I thought it was the right thing to do at the time. I was determined not to eat at the wedding:rolleyes: it just did'nt come off, I bowed to pressure from my family, my husband who all told me how odd it would be if I did not eat and stuck to sole source and eventually I gave in, it was the start of the end. I made a half hearted attempt to get back on track but felt like I had let myself and everyone else down in the group and so gave up. I found this website about 2 weeks ago and was toying with the idea of restarting LL, the benefits being the diet does work (I lost 2 stone 2 pounds, but have regained 1 stone) for me, the downside being, I did not like the councelling, felt I did not get anything out of it , LLC read from the notes in her pack each week and the dvd's were not my cup of tea although I do understand people get a lot from them, just not me. I did not always have the time to commit to 2 hour sessions per week. One of the largest contributing factors to me giving up LL last year was the feeling that I had let everyone down in the group by giving in at the wedding and eventually for good.

I read my way through the LL forum and then started on the CD forum and I have now made up my mind to start this. I have found a CDC who sounds wonderful and I have spoken to her on the phone and made an appointment for next Saturday, I work Mon-Fri in London and I did toy with finding a CDC in London but really wanted to find one closer to home. She sounds perfect (Sue if you are reading these forum's at all I can't wait to meet you and start this thing). Please the biggest bonus, CD is much much cheaper, its 1:1 and it has more flavour, tetra blocks, I'm soooooo excited.

I intend to start a thread which I will use like a diary to keep a check on myself, so feel free to comment but just wanted to say a big thanks to you all, you truly are inspirational and have had a big part to play in my decision to start.

Sara :D
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The Diet Guy
Hiya Sara

Well done for jumping back on.

As you say it is a great diet and good luck in losing your weight.



Silver Member
Welcome to the boards

I am restarting cambridge on Wednesday (seeing counseloor on Tues night), I also did LL last year so we can help each other along.

How much have you got to loose?

Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield
Hi Sara

Welcome to the boards, glad to hear you're ready to jump back on track. I love CD the flavours are so much nice & more to choose from! Look luck when you meet your CDC next saturday, keep posting the lovely people here on minimins is so supportive and keep you going in times or need. They had been so incouraging to me when i have found times being tough...

Good luck hun look forward to reading your posts....xxx
Thanks for the encouragement - Wobbly great, happy to have the support and give you some along the way too.

When I've figured out hour to update my profile I will be setting mini goals and stuff and adding a ticker but I am currently 14st (5' 3") and am setting a target weight of 9st 7lbs. Hoping to get to goal mid September, how about you?



Gold Member
Welcome aboard !!

Look forward to hearing about your success :)



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