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Just found a lump


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I've just found a lump in my breast:wave_cry: The annoying thing is its Friday and I wont be able to get into the doctors until Monday.....I'm going to spend the weekend worrying. You know what its like....you always think of the worst and I'm imagining that its been there for a long time and I've only just discovered it because of the weight I've lost. It seems really big, but what is worrying me is its deep!!!! Please be a gland, please be a cist. Please, please, please.
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Oh dear:( It probably is a cyst, but always best to get it checked.

Very best of luck:hug99:
hey Shazpaz, I am sure it is fine but you could always call your out of ours GP if you are that worried. They will at least talk to you about it over the phone try and reassure you till Monday or they will call you in for an exam.

Goodluck Hope xx

It must be very worrying for you, especially as you can't see your GP until Monday.
Out of hours surgeries are sometimes available, mine is at the local A&E. Good luck :)
Hiya Shaz and huge hugs for you. It's so hard not to worry when you find a lump. It happened to me a couple of years ago and I went to docs. I got hospital appointment within a week and had the mamogram, ultrasound and guess what - although I'd sweated buckets, cried, worried myself sick - it was only a cyst. The consultant told me that most of the lumps he sees are cysts.
Please try not to worry too much (easier said than done I know). Get an appt asap and try to remain strong until you know the results.
Remember - it usually is nothing more than a cyst.
I pray for you that all is well and that your mind is set at ease soon.
Love and hugs to you


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Thank you so much everyone. I must have woke up 6 times last night and you know what the first thing on my mind was. The most worrying thing about it is its irregular shape. A cyst (I believe) is more of a circular lump. Lets just say I'm not going to be surfing the internet any more........the more I do the more worried I get. I read 85% of lumps are nothing......but I dont see that. I see 15% are. I've never been a 'glass is half empty' person....up until now. I know I'd be advising people not to worry until after they have seen the GP so I'm going to TRY and take that advice.

p.s. my hubby has not bought me flowers for YEARS and he's just walked in with a huge bunch....sweetheart.
aww how sweet of him! i am so sorry your having to go through this. i live in milton keynes and we have a walk in centre next to the hospital which is open 24/7 do you have the same? i would advice to go there and get someone to have a feel. just for some professional advice. xx


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I had a lump too i was 27 at the time and i'm 40 now , went to the doctor had to wait i think some few weeks to be seen , and the he had to take a biopsy and the results took some time too , but it was nothing i still have the lump now , and losing weight you can feel it more , also depends on the time of month too , its a cyst , but you have to get it checked .


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Again thanks people. I've been told the walk in clinics will tell me to go to my GP on Monday. I'm going to get stuck into my work and hopefully the time will pass quickly.


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Hi Shapaz,

It is always a worry when you find a lump. Nine out of ten are benign, which is good news. All the same it is best to get yourself checked out as it will put your mind at ease.

Awww...Your husband is very thoughtful:cupid:

Try if you can not too worry:hug99:

Hopefully everything will be okay, sending good wishes and prayers.:vibes:

Love Mini xxx


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im sure that you are fine but just make sure you get to that dr first thing monday morning to set your mind at rest

in my spare time im a massage therapist and also practice reiki so ill send you some good positive vibes...i know a lot of people might think its hokus pokus but it does work...

h xxx


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Thanks again everyone. You are all soooooo supportive. I read what you say and it makes me cry. I really appreciate all your comments.....I really do.
hi, keep your thoughts balanced and try to keep yourself occupied over the weekend. telephone nhs direct if you are too worried. it is true that the majority of lumps are cysts. had one in my back last year, am sure thats what you will have, thinking of you sammymodo i get the nikname sammymodo from my back lump, given to me by my lovely husband the name has stuck but the lump gone xx
Fingers crossed everything will be okay, Sharon. :) Being a bit lumpy is quite normal when it is time of the month but if you are ever concerned you should always get it checked out. I'll be thinking of you.
i know its difficult not to do this, but try not to poke and prod the lump, this will just cause more imflammation and make it feel bigger and cause you more stress and worry, take care love sammymodo xx
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:grouphugg:Aw Shaz I'll be thinking of you! I'm sure you'll be fine but try not to worry too much! I know it's easier said than done.

Hope you're ok,



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i know its difficult not to do this, but try not to poke and prod the lump, this will just cause more imflammation and make it feel bigger and cause you more stress and worry, take care love sammymodo xx
You are right, but I cannot help it. I forget about it for an hr or so then when I remember I check to see if its still there..........Like its going to magically dissappear :confused:

I loved your comment about keeping my thoughts balanced. I'll try my best.

All you guys are fab fab fab. I hope you all have amazing weight losses this week..............you all deserve it.

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