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just found this on the internet...


is a naughty girl...
I just found this on the internet and thought people might be interested...

One common concern regarding weight loss, especially
losing a large amount in a short amount of time as you
can with Cambridge, is excess skin.

Most people have heard that if you lose the weight
fast you will be left with a saggy tummy or "batwing"
arms. With the large number of people who have had
gastric surgery in the past few years, plastic surgeons
are being buried alive in patients who need body lifts or
various parts tucked and tightened. The rapid weight loss
is blamed.

This is false. It doesn't matter in the least how fast or
slow you lose your weight as far as redundant skin is
concerned. The damage to your skin that causes this problem
was done long before the weight loss occurred. It is due to
the excess weight that your skin was required to accommodate.

Skin is elastic...to a point. It has an amazing ability to
stretch and that can be seen in something as simple as a
pregnant belly and as extreme as a 1,000 pound man.

Unfortunately, it can stretch, but not fully recover
from such a demand; and like a balloon that has been
inflated for a period of time, it can never return to
its original size and shape. It wouldn't matter if you
deflated that balloon in 5 seconds or 5 days, it will
still be stretched out.

The damage has already been done.

Gastric bypass patients have the added disadvantage of
losing their weight through malnutrition and malabsorption.
Because of this, they are denying their body what is needed
for normal repair and rebuilding so their post weight loss
results can be very disturbing.

Large amounts of connective tissue as well as muscle and even
some bone is lost with the effects of surgery and that shows in
their final result. Cambridge users however, will enjoy all the
benefits of complete balanced nutrition so their bodies are being
supported in their efforts to restore and rebuild.

Good muscle tone, vibrant complexions and clear bright eyes are
what they see in the mirror. Of course, there is still the
possibility of redundant skin that may need correction if you
choose, but not anywhere near to the extent as Weight Loss Surgery
(WLS) patients encounter.

So what is the truth about saggy skin? Lose the weight fast or
slow, your excess skin condition is already established. You
can improve your odds though by giving your body all it needs
and you can find that in Cambridge
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That's really interesting. I am dreading ending up with loads of redundant skin, but I think I will unfortunately.

It is my punishment for not looking after myself properly.

Once I manage to have a baby, I may look at getting it corrected by surgery.


This will be my year
Thanks, that's good to know because I'm a new girl and one of my big worries was whether the rapid weight loss would cause loads of flabby skin.

I've invested in a Wii and Wii Fit, plus I'm massaging in Bio Oil after the shower twice a day, but I guess some loose skin is inevitable given how much I have to lose :sigh: Oh well, if it's a case of being slim and healthy, but with a few flabby bits, then there's always the push up bra and Bridget Jones knickers! :D


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Really interesting post ! I think that it is true, you can do as much exersize etc as you can, and some people have skin that will return to some kind of normal, but if it has been stretched far and has been like that many years it can be difficult.
I think I would rather be thinner and healthier and have some loose skin, than walk around carrying the extra weight.

Thanks for the bio oil tip, I am going to go get some, my arms in particular are very large and I can already see some dropping at my elbows where I have lost some weight.
I was watching embarrasing teenage bodies on Channel 4 last night and there was a 19 year old girl who had had a baby and her tummy was like a deflated balloon. Mine looks like this now after loosing just under 8 stone. I'm thinking when i have a baby my belly has been stretched already! LOL
ANyways she was having surgery to get a flat stomach and after watching that (while eating my tea - am on 1000 plan) i can safely say i won't be doing that however flappy my tummy is. I'm not usually squeamish but that lifting of the top layer of skin and all that yellow fat! uuurrrggghhh.

No i will be content with my flabby bits and will pose as a reminder what i have acheived and not to let myself get back to what i was!!

Very interesting. So far so good for me. I'm a slow loser and dance regularly, doing sit-ups daily and toning exercises. I thought I had bingo wings before I started but they are not really that bad and I have been wearing sleeveless tops that I wouldn't wear before. My stomach is definitely getting smaller with the combination of CD and the exercising. In fact I would say the only 'problem' is that my stomach has that pitted look at the moment. I'm not worrying about it though as it's not too bad. I know someone who is very, very slim, absolutely gorgeous and yet has more stretch marks on her tummy than me! I was shocked the first time I saw it because she is so beautiful. That memory makes me realise that you can't have everything!

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