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just gonna have a moan

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by gonnabesmall, 19 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. gonnabesmall

    gonnabesmall is doin this

    evening all feeling really hacked off today
    had a bad couple of weeks on this diet sts for two weeks then lost 3 pound the 3rd week then 4th week stayed the same honestly then went completly mad for 3 days last week had a indian and a chinese plus half a bottle of baileys a cooked breakfast at asda 2 bags of crisp and about 5 biscuits (not all at one over 3 days)
    however think its out my system now and this week ive stuck to green days 100 percent so if i weigh tomorrow and ive sts im gonna blow my top.
    i know up untill now ive lost atotal of 13 pounds on my own dont go to class but for 3 weeks stayin the same aaaararrrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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  3. Snugglepuss

    Snugglepuss Silver Member

    You will do it, okay you have had your blow out and now you are back on track!!!

    I wouldn't worry if you stay the same this week it could well be the repercussions of your blow out, also could you try to add some red days into the mix? It might just fasten the weight loss as alot of the girls on here have said that the red days fasten weight loss!

    Although some on here do just do green days and lose weight but the red day may just give you a boost!!

    You WILL do it!!
  4. gonnabesmall

    gonnabesmall is doin this

    the week when i lost the 3 pounds i did a red week that week cos people on here advised me too as the first two weeks sts and it certainley boosted it as i lost 3pound like i said.
    think i will do a red next week again see how it goes x

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