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Just got a dominos menu through the door..


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.. And they now do stuffed crust!

As well as sending a load of vouchers!

They really are trying to sabotage my diet! lol. Dominos is a huuuuge weakness, though I haven't had even a bite for 3ish months! Now they do stuffed crust im guna need all the willpower in the world! :(
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Throw out the menu so you don't have the number to call!


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Agreed throw the menu away and make yourself a smash pizza and feel smug when you sit and eat it knowing you haven't used over a hundred syns to enjoy it.


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If you want pizza that badly go to pizza express and opt for the leggera option! Much better. :)


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DOminoes is my weakness too! Try to have the smash pizza it really is very nice, and you can do your own toppings, and make it massive. Think of the money you will save, and go buy yourself a new top or handbag or something instead???


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If you want pizza that badly go to pizza express and opt for the leggera option! Much better. :)
This would be my advice as well. I know alot of people like Smash pizza, but I'm sorry - its NOT pizza if the base is made of fake potato mash!

You could always make your own using a Asda WM pitta bread - still not dominos, but at least its a bread base! Plus one is your HEB for the day, and if you used your HEA on low fat Mozzerella you could pretty much have a pizza for no, or a small amount of syns.


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Take the £15 you would spend on a pizza and treat yourself - new top , manicure anything that you want - its a much better way to use the money and your enjoy it for longer :) xx
I used to live in the country and we never got stuff like this through the door. When I moved to a flat in town I was absolutely amazed by the amount of junk paper I get.

This is why I keep a recycling bag hanging on the inside of the front door - that's where all the takeaway menus go! I don't even look at them.
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I too like a Dominos fix and I do have one EVERY Friday. I kid myself on and have reduced fat cheese but even then the fat, carbs and whatever else junk it contains should make me bin the menu.

However I'm not on any branded diet system and amend my calorie deficit throughout the week to accommodate it as it helps keep me sane.
I am dredding it, we have a Dominos opening in town within the next week or so.... 2 mins from where I work and 2 mins from home. Just waiting for the leaflets through the door! Plus its payday on Tuesday, payday was always treat night - either a nice idian or chinese.This will be the first payday since I started!
You can still have a indian or chinese and stay on plan! Just need to make good choices.

I have to walk past a KFC, papa johns, and a dominos to catch my bus home @ night. Plus i live next to a row of shops which includes a chinese, fish & chips & an indian! Talk about temptation all the time. Haven't broke yet though & after a few months it stopped bothering me.
I think I am just scared of putting weight on now. Its the first time I have ever felt motivated to get rid of this weight! I have lost 8lb in 3 weeks and I am so proud of myself for keeping too the plan. Its the takeaways I thought were a treat and rubbish lifestyle choices which have put me 4 stone over weight. I just feel if I go back to my old life I wont suceed. Dont get me wrong I still have treats, even went out for a meal last week. Just dont think I am strong enough yet to take on a Indian and know when to stop!! hehe


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Pizza is a killer! Don't have the numbers for Dominos but my old favourite Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Vegetarian Pizza comes in at a whopping 124 syns for the whole pizza!!!!! In the old days I would not have thought twice about eating the whole thing in one sitting. Even if I didn't eat the whole thing I would have definitely had half (62 sysns). No way would I do that now. I would never waste all my syns on one meal!

Chuck the menu and think of all the other nice things you could have throughout the week that will last so much longer!

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