Just got round to posting before & after

lena L

Lena L
This is me on the start of my journey on the 12/7/06. I started LL packs on the 17/7/06 weighing in at 16 stone & 13lbs. The after photo is me 43.6lbs lighter on the 27/9/06.

I never thought that I would be today bordering on the low 13's. I have not been this weight since before conceiving my daughter who is going to be 9 in January. :eek: :eek:

Thank You Minimins for giving me the insiration and the confidence that I too can do it!!!!!!!:) :) :)


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Hi Lena

Lena by name and leaner too! (bet you've never heard that before sorry!)

Congrats on the great weightloss and I wish you continued success to goal. You are looking great!

Dizzy x
Lena is not my real name!!:D

My real name is Claire but when I joined MiniMins I had been reading the threads for a while and lost a few pounds with LL .Jokingly at work I had replied to some of my friends at work saying Leaner L (surname begings with L) so I decided that this would be my member name.

Very clever Claire and I thought it was me being clever!

Dizzy x
Congratulations Lena L

Well done Lena/Claire:D :D :D

I have put your photos on the Inspirational thread for others to see how well you have done.


Love Mini xxxx