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Just had my first bar...


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i dont like the choc one either n im a choccy fan the coc orange is awfull imo!!! the peanut is good takes longer to each which always helps lol. and the toffee i think is so so and caramel is good. now n again il have a cranberry its weird but sometimes good :D
i like the bars. but they go to quick and i didnt feel full
after them like i do with shakes or soups.
Also they have more kcals.
but the main reason is if i get some i will want to eat them
all in one go and the tempation would be too much for me


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I am absolutely in love with the choccy bars. Can't go through a day without one, to be honest. Also love the Cranberry and Caramel, but hate the choc orange one. Maybe try it again in a few weeks. Your tastes really change on this diet. :)


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i love the choc orange bar - i eat it in little chunks. The chocolate one is really nice but Felix, I susect you palette hasnt been overly wiped out.... you will learn to love the choc one soon!

The cranberry one is the most disgusting thing I have ever eaten. id rather eat my dogs poo.


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I love them all apart from the orange. I absolutely love love love nibbling on the choc one, I manage to make it last ages and as I tend to leave it on my desk in my hot office all day it goes slightly gooey and feels like I'm eating something really naughty! xxx
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I can't wait to be able to try the bars! They are top of my list for next week! I'm on week 2 just now Xxx


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The chewy caramel and peanut bars are yummy. :D


I can do it!!
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I thought I would like the chewy ones more but after trying them all,
I like the crunchy ones best (peanut, and cranberry) but got to be cold from the fridge!


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I love the peanut bars and I put them in the freezer so it takes a bit longer to eat. I would like to have one evry day but they make me a bit more likely to wobble ( in every sense!) so I try and just have them when I am out and about when its harder to get a milkshake made. I have to blend a whole tray of ice with the milkshake to make it palatable so I can only have them at home where I have a blender etc. So thats when bars are fab.
I have realised that all my cambridge food is icy cold which is rubbish when you are in ketosis, but try as I might I just can't get on with any of the soups or shakes hot. So I drink lots of green tea. And have lots of baths and use a 'slanket' (ooh I'm old!) when sitting on sofa in eve!!! The glamour knows no bounds!!!
I loveee bars lol they should bring out White chocolate ones!!

I love the bars that much i ate 4 in one night!! I thought I'd have them instea of real chocolate lol ergh I felt I'll after though lol


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I love them all except peanut but only cause I haven't tried it yet. Might try it this week


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Had a caramel one and it was rank!!!! Had a weird taste. Almost chemically! Will have to have hold my nose with the rest and get just peanut next week.

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