Just had my first one!

Just had my fisrt LL shake for breakfast this morning! Was quite impressed to be honest, went for a vanila with about 210ml of water, I know its normally guesswork as to how much water you put in, but bring my first one, I did try and measure it out properly! How much water do people normally put in?
I'm on CD and normally have banana for breakfast which I make up with 3/4 pint of cold water and 3/4 pint boiling water. This keeps me going (to the loo as well!) until mid afternoon - when I do the same with a cappuchino shake, or have a soup made up with half a pint of hot water. In the evening I either have a soup or a choc mint shake made with half pint of hot (mint tea) water.
I was thinking about making a smoothie type of drink with them, putting some crushed ice in the blender, with the packet of powder, it would be good if you could freeze it, almost make an icee? but you have to drink it in 15 minutes dont you?

Also, it says to drink 4 litres of water, does the water i mix with the powder count in that water for the day quota?
Nope, water you mix doesnt count towards the 4 litres.

I was told the 15 minute thing as well, but a lot of people really experiment with ways of having the foodpacks, a lot involving microwaving or freezing... and weight loss still goes on. Its just the nutrients you're sacrificing, so I understand.
By the way, the general consensus is you should really only alter (cook/freeze) your foodpacks once a day as you need as many nutrients as you can get :)
This was day 1 for me too mungo. So far I had the Vanilla, Chocolate, Thai curry and chicken. Vanilla is definately my fave and chicken probably the worst since it left a rubbery aftertaste.
Anyway look forward to going along this journey with you.
Good luck