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Just interested......


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Hi ive been on Atkins since Jan and am finding im stuck and TBH a bit sick of all the fat.
How are you all finding this? is the weight coming off? Can you eat fish in the attack stage?
I have ordered the book to read as im still undecided what to , thought I would research first, as on Atkins im used to eating full fat everything and cheese and Im wondering If i would struggle.

Any advice please?
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Hi everyone, im in exactly the same position as Vicky. Please can you let us know everything and anything you can think of. Thanks in advance


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Hi both

Will try and answer what I can here. Yes, you can eat fish in the Attack phase - it is totally encouraged, and all types of fish, including oily and shell fish. I am eating salmon and prawns almost every day and loving it!

Weight is definitely coming off for me, I had a stone to lose in total, did the Attack phase for 4 days, and lost 5lbs :eek: :D Am now on the Cruise phase, and still losing.

I have done Atkins (a long time ago) all the usual SW and WW etc, and then last year I lost nearly 6 stone on LLife - but didn't quite get to target, hence doing Dukan for the last stone. It is definitely the easiest diet I have ever done, in that there is never a need to be hungry, but unlike Atkins I don't feel sluggish with all the fat. Once on the Cruise phase, you can have as much veg and salad with your protein as you like, every other day - so one day of just protein, the next protein and veg and salad - this just feels so much healthier to me.

The other thing I find great is you can eat as much fat free yoghurt, fromage frais, cottage cheese etc as you like on all phases - this makes it easy to make nice sauces to have with your protein to stop boredom setting in.

It's definitely working for me, and I would definitely recommend it - particularly for those fed up of all the fat on Atkins.

Good luck :)


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Thanks Lucy and well done on your losses so far - amazing!
I did read somewhere that you had to have zero fat cottage cheese/creme fraiche etc - is this easy to find as opposed to just low fat?

is the book easy to understand?

Thanks so much xxx


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Thank you Lucy. We are definately looking into properly before embarking. Im sure we will both end up here with you but need to find out more before we do. Are there any recipes you use on the attack phase? Im worried id get bored with just meat


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Hi both - and you're very welcome :).

Longratia: I have only managed to find fat-free cottage cheese in Tesco but fat free fromage frais, quark and yoghurt I have found in all supermarkets without a problem. I have muller light fat free vanilla or toffee yoghurts (if you opt for the fruit-flavoured ones, you're restricted to 2 per day due to the higher carbs and natural sugars in them) and either Tesco own brand or Total fat free greek yoghurt - these are great for cooking with as well as desserts.

The book is very easy to understand - it is really easy to dip in and out of, is laid out really logically, and is very clear. If anything it can come across as slightly patronising as it seems to keep stressing the same points at times. Definitely worth reading though, and I regularly refer back to it if I'm not sure on something.

Cherl: I've experimented with all sorts - marinading chicken in yoghurt with chilli, paprika, garlic and lemon juice - that's delicious if you like tandoori type flavours, making home made burgers with lean beef mince, onions, mixed herbs and an egg - they are so delicious, and so filling. Also made fish stews with all sorts of fish and simple stock, made some lovely herby sauces with fromage frais and fresh herbs and used with steaks - honestly, a bit of imagination (and I am usually rubbish in the kitchen) and it's amazing what you can come up with!

Also - don't forget you can have eggs - some days I live on those if I don't fancy meat - omelettes, scrambled, poached, boiled - it's all protein! I've just had smoked salmon and scrambled egg for lunch - delicious :).

The book also gives a receipe for a "galette", or pancake-type thing which is made with oatbran, as you have to eat oatbran every day, and this pancake is handy for taking to work with some cold meat - it's really filling and just like a bread alternative really. It can be eaten hot or cold, so handy at any time of the day.

Hope that helps, and feel free to ask anything at all - happy to help if I can :)


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thanks again so much, you have been so helpful.
Cant wait to get the book now and get my first shopping list done :D (will eat all my only atkins friendly stuff first!)


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Don't stress if you can't find completely fat free items you just need to keep it below 4% fat and keep an eye on the carbs. I have Philly ex light most days. I mix it with almost ff fromage frais and I still lose.


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Wow thanks both of you. As you may have guessed Longraita and I are both doing the atkins and are coming over together so we have each other for support but your support is very important to us. Your recipes sound lovely. On the atkins forum we have a recipes only thread (which is exactly that), maybe you can start one on here. Looking forward to getting started.
And I've just found ya!!!! Didn't think you could escape me did you? :mad:
Intersting posts to read, thanks Lucy and co!
Got to jump on the band wagon and look after my girls, I seem to be losing on Atkins and then putting it back on again for no reason!! :sigh:


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caz me too - dreading wi this week lol
oooo what are you lot doing here? same as me i see :8855:
i read about the dukan diet in my mag yesterday (best)
i have also ordered the book. the article i read sounded like its hard work to start off with but seems easy to follow.
still got lots of atkins food left so will see how i feel when its all gone!
Hiya babes! I'm certainly getting a little fed up of Atkins, I'm just losing and gaining the same 2lbs! So I thought I'd try this :D Are you coming on board as well? Got loads of cheese left but i'm sure my kids will eat it lol x x


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im eating all my cheese this week. :D starting monday. :D shopping coming tomorrow with NO veg at all


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It's true that some people say that the Dukan diet is expensive, because of the leaner cuts of meat, and fresh fish etc... but I reckon that if I compare a week of Dukan shopping to a week of "normal shopping" (aka with carbs, alcohol etc!), I'd be laughing!

Great to see a bit more interest in it... I'm a big salmon + prawns girl myself (although when I saw my GP last night he suggested I vary a little more my lunches - errr why?!!)... but at least he didn't tell me to stop doing it!

ENJOY... I'm loving the "no hunger" feeling...