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  1. Gemmie

    Gemmie Member

    Hi guys

    wanted to find a RC forum-the offical one is very quiet so hope u dont mind if i post here!

    I joined my local RC club last night-loved the exercise class and feel very motivated.

    I have looked at my green booklet which has the food plans in for the first 2 weeks. I was jus wondering how much u can change these around. I understand i have a calorie allowance of 1200 and no higher than 5% fat- but a lot of the meals suggested in the booklet i just wouldnt eat. The breakfasts are fine and today for lunch i had a prawn salad. I am using the power snacks suggested but for my dinners will prob stick to ww meals which are under 400 cal and less than 5% fat. Will i still see a weight loss if i do this? I obviously want to loose a bit in my first week to give me even more motivation to carry on! Any advice wld be much appreciated!

    Thankyou in advance :)
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  3. bustybarmaid

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    going over to WW from Jan 2013!
    :welcome2: Hi Gemmie, well done for finding us here!
    To be honest, i think that as long as you count your daily calories consumed, and keep aware of the 5% fat 'rule', it should be ok to mix your meals around.
    I am doing long hours at the moment, so am resorting to being lazy and having ready meals in the evening quite often, can't really see it being a problem, just bulk them out with loads of veggies too!
    I do do a bit of bulk cooking at the weekend though, just doing a bit of planning for your daily food diary really helps me, you can post your food diarys here if you want on the relevant 'thread' i post mine most of the time.
    If you have any queries i am sure there will be others to come and help you, best of luck :)
    Frankie xx
  4. danlinais

    danlinais Full Member

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    HI & welcome ,this board is very supportive ,always some one to help u ,the meals are interchangeable so you swop them around as far as I know pretty nu myself only amonth in
  5. SarahSez

    SarahSez Silver Member

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    Rosemary Conley
    Welcome to RC.

    As has already been mentioned, as long as u keep within the 5% fat rule and stick to 1200 cals you should be fine. You can follow the book to the letter, swap meals around if you dont like some or replace them all together, as long as the meal is less than 5% and ur within ur calories.

    Have a look on rc.tv for recipes - there are loads on there

    The forum on the offical rc website is VERY new so will take a while to get going.

    Good luck on ur first week
  6. SaraSlimmer

    SaraSlimmer Full Member

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    Weight Watchers
    Hi Gemmie,

    I didn't really use any of the recipe suggestions and just stuck to the calories with foods I like. Worked out just fine!
  7. princessria

    princessria is a pirate arrrgggghhhh

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    good luck, the weight watchers meals are quite handy if you dont like the rec ipe suggestions or asda good for you, i ate the chicken pasta quite alot, as long as you stick to the rules you will be fine, its difficult at first but stick with it XX
  8. Fat-to-thin!

    Fat-to-thin! Member

    rosemary conley
    hi Gem, Rosemary conley tv forum def getting better - think its just started so to be expected. Have you used their recipes? i do the wake up workout first thing to get the metabolism going, and then cereal, measured with the Portion Pots (best invention eva!) and then the meals and soups for the rest of the days, and then the recipes when i can be bothered to cook. (get them from the mag or the rosemaryconley.tv) Helps me stick to calorie control and then i can also have my treats when needed. Are you going to a class too?
  9. Gemmie

    Gemmie Member

    Hey Fat-to-Thin

    yep going to a class-got my first weigh in on tuesday! i have been sneakily weighing myself at the gym as the scales are right by where i get changed-and so far it looks quite good but fingers crossed for tues.

    i have been using the suggestions for the breakfasts, lunches and powersnacks. for most of the dinners i have been havin ww meals at the mo as they r easier than to have to cook a meal just for one person! may try some of the recipes out next week!

    Thanks for all your advice. x
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